Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Activision waiting to see how Watch Dogs does on Wii U before they officially greenlight another COD for the system?

By now we have all heard that the new COD game could possibly be coming to the Wii U. Some genius internet user found the Wii U logo in the official site code or something.

Also, I heard that Ghosts was not even announced for Wii U until about two months prior to release. So they have time to wait still.

If Watch Dogs does not either:


A. Sell well

B. Have decent pre-orders


Will Activison even waste their time? Especially after the last two CoD Wii U sales?

Just my Conspiracy theory thoughts. I mean, Why hide it? Just announce the game and get more pre-orders! Holiday season comes and goes fast!

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Common sense would say no ....

When is Watchdogs coming out for WiiU Spurge? Should have asked yourself that before you opened the thread.


For all we know Watch Dogs may release after CoD AW, so unless Acti knows when WD will release, I say absolutely no. Also what's with that Watch Dogs performance will be the be all, defying game for 3rd party games on Wii U? I think that ship has already sailed, the remnants of the "core" games on Wii U will disappear when 3rd will make the jump on next gens exclusively imo. Is it just some hope that Nintendo fans want to hang on?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

They're waiting on how Mario Kart 8 will perform this summer.

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I think a lot of people are waiting to see if it will have dlc on the Wii U. Most people who play COD love the DLC also. They advertised the DLC for Wii U last time and gave us nothing. I know a few buddies that regretted getting the Wii U version because there was no DLC. Neither of them are interested in the Wii U version this time because of it.

I am not into DLC much, I rarely if ever purchase DLC but I can understand why people enjoy DLC. I really don't know the solution to the problem, Activision probably doesn't want to make Wii U dlc because of low sales but having no dlc ensures even lower sales. If the game doesn't come to Wii U at all I wouldn't be surprised.

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Well, I think that is enough to generate profits 100,000 copies for a port on the Wii U as COD... so, However, I would like to see as Watch Dog must sell to generate profits on the Wii U...
I think Watch Dog will sold 250-300 k first year, and 500-600K on generation on Wii U, and I THINK should be enough.

No, Watch Dogs will take to long. Maybe even after COD releases. But they may also be waiting to see how MK8 sells the Wii U. But isn't today the day that Actision is suppose to officially announce it.


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CoD games did not sell very well on the Wii and sold terrible on the Wii U (even considered it's low installed base). So I don't think Activision needs Watch Dogs numbers to make a decision like that.

Seece said:
Common sense would say no ....

When is Watchdogs coming out for WiiU Spurge? Should have asked yourself that before you opened the thread.

It would be news to me that third party uses common sense when deciding what to do 

  • E.g. not placing Wii boxes on multiplat commercials on purpose etc...
  • Announcing DLC before games are out
  • Announcing trilogies before one game thats included in the trilogy launched on another platform (Metal Gear Solid 3DS vs Trilogy, MassEffect3 WiiU vs Trilogy)

There is just a few third parties that actually use some brain e.g Rockstar.

Make GTA5 for consoles and wait for sales to go down before you announce the PC version so you dont "lose" so many sales to "pirates" because some will just say "fuck it I am buying the console version". And then some people that didnt expect the PC version (or even if they did) will go "totally double dipping because  glorious 1080p+ & sweetFX & enb whatever!"

Actually  scratch that  you are right. The average joe (the common person) does not make any sense at all. So it actually is common sense.  I mean just think about how unsmart the average person is  and then think about what that actually means. 50% of the people are even dumber than the average person haha

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No. they'll just confirm it later. or in this case, make the first oficial announcement for any version.