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The Amount Of Sony Product Placement In 'VGChartz' Is Ridiculous

Warning: There are minor spoilers ahead. 

If you head out to your nearest internet cafe, the site "VGChartz" this weekend, be prepared to see a lot of Sony propoganda alongside "reputable" sales tracking. 

If Sony makes it, it's bound to be on the site.

Here's the front page. How many Sony items can you spot?

We count at least 15, seriously wow. (Didn't know this was PSChartz) Disgusting.

I can't even understand how anyone could even argue otherwise.

My god, their is even a Sony Discussion sub-forum and "Playstation Nation" thread. Ugh.

I could literally upload hundreds more pictures but honestly, if you don't get it now, Sony has already used their reapers to indoctrinate you and even Commander Shephard can't save you. 

"VGChartz" is just a  Sony sales site where Sony fans and Sony Fan Hipsters spend their time on a Sony Dominated Internet in a Sony world. We're just along for the ride.

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So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

It's all been a lie!!!!

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I blame Truckosaurus?

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...Much Sony.

...Very Playstation.


Nice :)

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It has been researched that the colour RED is the best colour to attract people. This is why the chart colour for Nintendo consoles is still not red yet. VGChartz hates Nintendo! (true story)

A parody thread that was actually good. Never thought I would see the day