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No downgrade to see here.


180MB HQ Trailer.

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Cars found in the trailer.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Pagani Zonda R
BAC Mono
Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
RUF Rt 12 R
RUF CTR 3 Clubsport
Hennessey Venom GT
Koenigsegg Agera R
Gumpert Apollo R
Audi R8 Coupé
McLaren 12C Coupé
GTA Spano
Savage Rivale
Ariel Atom
Alfa Romeo 4C
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupè Black Series
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupè
Marussia B2


No microtransactions too.

This too.

God i love looking at the crowds in car games xD

DC really is looking amazing. Regardless to your opinions on the 30fps vs 60fps discussion in regards to arcade racers, there is no denying they are making good use of those extra resources o.o


hmm the lighting effect in the sky at 1:10 as it starts to pan the clouds rolling over the mountains.. is it just me or is that supposed to bethe northern lights?

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That's really pretty.

Still, as with any racing game, the game-play is the most important thing. Driveclub and Project CARS both have everything to prove, regardless of beautiful screen shots.

As far as 30/60 fps, I don't care. I've had as much fun playing 30 fps games as I have 60 fps games. If the game is fun, that's all that I will care about. I've never once found myself thinking, "this would be so much better if it was 60 fps!"

ethomaz said:


This too.

Hehe :)

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Looks awesome, still 5 months to wait ugh.
I really hope dynamic lighting and weather are going to be standard from now on.

Ethomaz, has there been any mention to what AA they were using and are now? The old stuff looked like a cat being thrown through a washing machine, the new stuff looks as clean as said (now dead) cat once it's out and dry.

Looks pretty dope.

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