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Best Smash Bros Game

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

With the new Smash bros releasing later this year.I wanna give me your take on which Smash Game is the best.

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For its time and competitive play? Melee.

For me to play by myself or with friends? Brawl

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Overall Brawl, but it is a little too slow sometimes.

I like Brawl, but I love Melee.

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it was a lot more fast paced and not floaty like brawl.

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1) Melee
2) Brawl
3) 64

I preferred Brawl even if my beloved Peach wasn't as strong as in Melee. The online play allowed me to get hundreds of hours of play time of out it.

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For me its Brawl - I enjoy the character roster and stages a lot more along with the extra modes and features :D

It's a difficult one between Brawl and Melee; but as I've spent most of my time on Brawl and online I'll go with that.

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I think the series has gotten progressively better with each installment. The original Smash Bros., even though it provided some fun times with friends, was a little rough around the edges, and missing a true single-player experience. Melee was a huge improvement over the original in terms of modes and mechanics, and is still my personal favorite of the series. Brawl, although not as balanced as Melee, has so much content, including an excellent single-player campaign, that it earns the top spot in my mind.