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Dem Tunes in Bowser's Castle

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Dat Rainbow Road! I cannot wait to play the real thing!


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I was kinda disapointed by that rainbow road at first. And I'm still a little disapointed that they went the space station route instead of going for that ''magic'' feeling. But I have to say it looks great. Still think the N64 remade course looks much better but this one seems less straightfoward.


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Cool music on the Bowser track.

Nice appearance on Rainbow Road but the track seems very lacking on difficulty.

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Looks fantastic!


There some footage of Mount Wario, Cloutop Cruise and Bone Dry Ruins in the video  (Starts around 13:20)

I think this time Rainbow Road is kinda boring and the only track in the game that I'm disappointed with. It still looks awesome though! Just a little too easy and blend.

So much hype. It all looks great, even the courses I'm not really excited about.

Rainbow road sucks. The rest I'm happy with.