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A PR leak for the QoL platform shows some interesting stuff, namely the first party launch title and a few details. Interersting stuff! They definitely are going down the 'Nintendo needs to have strange names for their products' route yet again.


Nintendo OWL - the new QoL platform from Nintendo.

Meet the Nintendo OWL -

Get Ready for the Next Generation of You

Nintendo OWL system is designed around you. A small sensor in every room of your home that syncs to a control box that pushes your data to the cloud.

Instantly interact with the Nintendo OWL via your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablets. Nintendo OWL launches with a first party game called Nintendo OwLife, a life tracker that showcases the system's unique abilities. By combining real life data with Augmented Reality, Nintendo OWL and OwLife 'gameify' your day and help you unlock the biggest achievements of all - improved health, productivity, and fun.

Nintendo OwLife includes:

Baking Buddies: Think you're the best cook in your house? Put your "chef rep" on the line in six new games centering on the kitchen.

Early Bird: Don't sleep the day away! By combining all the effectiveness of an alarm clock with all the gaming fun people have come to expect from Nintendo, you will find yourself with more hours to enjoy life in as you battle your family (and friends worldwide, via the Nintendo Network).

Communication Station: Stay in touch with all those human contacts that make life worthwhile! Haven't written to Grandma in a while? Do it right from Nintendo OwLife - which can send e-mail or even real life letters (printed at Nintendo OwLife Station-aries across the globe and mailed for a small fee) to all the people who matter to you. Never accidentally snub Aunt Betty (and miss out on Christmas cards) again!

Feng Shui Tetris: Your room is now your playing field. Find optimal health and life balance while optimizing your living space... and your high score!

Dust Mite Nitro: Those pesky dust mites are back at it! Using your handy dust cloth and your Android or iPhone smartphone, clean your actual home while battling the alien insect Augmented Reality menace!

Calender Capers: Keep track of your appointments and committments... with a Nintendo twist! This mode will remind you of your upcoming meetings and other time sensitive events with fun minigames and distinctive Nintendo chimes.

More features of Nintendo OwLife will be unveiled during the Nintendo Digital Event in June! 



Further information from the source:

The sensors in each room are QR code readers that work with your phone. Nintendo is cutting costs for the Nintendo OWL hardware WAY down by using all the expensive tech people already have in their smartphones to do most of the 'heavy lifting,' tech speaking wise. Why sell cameras, motion sensors, gyros, touchscreens, etc. to people when most people already have a several-hundred dollar tool with all of those right in their pocket?


I'm really interested in hearing more about this, but I'm not sure it sounds like it is for me.

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VitroBahllee said:

Baking Buddies: Think you're the best cook in your house? Put your "chef rep" on the line in six new games centering on the kitchen.

Cooking Mama, you've met your match.


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It sounds interesting.

I don't even know what to make of this.

I smiled at "station-aries."

Sounds really interesting but it's probably not for me.

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I don't get it.
That leak of the complete explanation of a brand new device sure doesn't explain much.

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This product does not sound like it is for me. What does OWL even stand for? Why would I want to gamify my day? Why do people need a device to tell them how to be healthy, it isn't rocket science.

Sounds like trash to me

Link or didn't happen

Interesting. i was always intrigued by the concept of gamification. Lets see were Nintendo takes it.

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Couldn't you at least fake a source link?