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I hope it is a 4G 3DS that connects to the cellular network. I would give them $500 that day, and drop my current phone. This is the only thing I want from one of the big 3. PS4 and XBO have already satisfied my need for an all in one entertainment hub.

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i dont believe, we are talking about IGN sources here ...


_crazy_man_ said:
joel1989 said:
_crazy_man_ said:

The gamepad is required for certain games and features.

Would require a massive OS update and patches for many games.

Plus, why take out one of the key factors that sets your system apart from the competetion?

because it inceases the price of the console that's selling horrible  by 70-100$.  these key facotors are not helping at all, its selling far worse then any of nintendo's main consoles.

$99 Gamecube didn't save it.

It's about how the games appeal to the mass market.

at this point, nothing is gonna save the wiiu imo, but at least it has a chance to match the GC in sales, it's currently 3.5 million behind.

vivster said:
It's a new Pro Controller where they didn't fuck up the placement of the analog sticks :)

Except the analog stick placement is perfect.

Well, this is new.


Nem said:
POE said:
QOL or 3ds with dual analog

Or Wii U redesign.

Has to be one of those 3.

Nope. Not a chance of a Wii U revision.

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Gamecube 2 with Metroid:Prime 4 launch title

Wow, cool. Some options, in order of likelyhood:

New Handheld - like the recent patent filings with interchangeable inputs.
Wii U Lite - with fresh look and smaller gamepad.
3DS Lite - fresh look.
New Home Console.

Those saying they wouldn't do it without a live conference seem to be missing the idea that Nintendo thinks the pre-recorded reveal is BETTER than the conference. I would expect all reveals to come by video now, including hardware. They aren't doing videos because they feel they have nothing.

joel1989 said:
_crazy_man_ said:
joel1989 said:
wiiu with out a gamepad for 149$-199$

Incredibly stupid move if so.

why?  the wiiu is selling at horrible rate, even behind the dreamcast, and even the GC is way in front, so it's  obvious consumers don't care for the gamepad and it's only hurting the wiiu from becoming a cheaper console that more people can buy.

Too many incompatible games.

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