What Wii U game do you play online the most?

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 15 26.79%
COD: BO2 8 14.29%
Call of Duty Ghosts 7 12.50%
Wii Sports Club 6 10.71%
Other 20 35.71%

Before MK8 takes the throne by storm, interested to see which Wii  game gets the most online play.

Which is it for you?

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Never played any Wii U game online. 

COD and MonsterHunter. I think much more time is on the Monster Hunter. Also played a bit of NFS MW.
Oh, and you forget Wii Sports Club! Put it into the poll list!!!

The game that I played regularly for a while online on the wiiu was sonic all star racing transformed, which I will get back to in early may because it will release in japan and that means more players. (until Mario Kart 8 comes out... later Sanic)

The only other game I played online regularly was resident evil revelations, because the multiplayer mode was really fun and it even had voice chat. I don't know why I sold that game i'd probably still be playing it right now.

I could play monster hunter 3 online if I wanted to cuz I have it on 3ds and my brother bought the wiiu version, but I just don't feel motivated to play the game anymore after I beat it and saved the little village; I guess the gameplay just didn't click with me. Local multiplayer was fun though.


KingdomHeartsFan said:

Never played any Wii U game online. 

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trine 2.

007 legends

various others..

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There are online Wii U games?

I have a dozen WiiU games and I litteraly never played a single one of them online not even once...

Except if Rayman Legends competitive system with ranking and ghosts counts, in that case Rayman Legends would be my answer. But I'm planning to play the crap out of MK8 online.


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Wii Sports Club for a couple weeks.

Otherwise, nothing.....

My dorm's internet is shit so I can't play Wii U or 3DS online.