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Time to cite your most epic moments of your gaming moments. It can be anything. But it has to be something special of your gaming life.

Here are mine. Lets see whats yours.


Beating bowser for the first time: Super mario bros will always have a special place in my childhood. That time I was really novice in gaming. So when I beat bowser for the first time I felt, wow. I did it. 

Playing games in school lab: Our computer lab teacher was really strict. But we smehow managed to play games in computer lab. Games like tomb raider, lion king and messiah were installed and we used to play it regular basis. Later our teacher came to know how to make us study. So we were given "unofficial" permission to play at school at the cost to complete study. Man. Those were the golden days.

Ending of Mafia City of Lost Heaven: That was was epic. I enjoyed it more than GTA 3. Graphics was mindblowing, gameplay was great and story was top notch. But its the ending that stunned me. Wow. It was really shocking. I really felt like a mafia member while playing that game.

Maxpayne ending: Another awesome ending. When max destroyed the helicopter I was mesmorised. Great game with great ending

Killaone 2 E3 trailer: Its was the most epic disappointment for me. I was hoping for a CGI like graphics from the trailer. My epic excitement became epic disappointment.

Uncharted 3 multiplayer: This match was great. I almost crossed 40 kills in TDM. Too bad it was ruined by my impatience. This video is my gameplay. :D



Okami HD ending fight: This is one of the best games I have ever played. Gameplay, story and art direction was top notch. But real goosebumps came at the last boss fight.


So whats your most epic moments in gaming?

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Playing my first person shooter/adventure ever Metroid prime 3

Finally getting a DS and playing pokemon pearl and finding out you can put your GBA games on it and being able to transfer your pokemon lol

mario party ds at english class with friends nuff said

After 7 months of constantly going to stores asking if they had the wii in store, one of them had it and I finally got it

Getting all 121 stars with both luigi and mario on SMG 

Having my friends come to my house everyday for 5 months to play MK wii and SSBB
Finally getting to play inFAMOUS and Prototype after months of begging my dad to buy me a PS3.
Uc2 train level and multilpayer 150.000 kills rank 100
Uc3 competitive winning 3 tournaments and being part of the #1 clan
40 platinums
I can go on on tbh.

PS: For sake of keeping my list short I did not include other generation moments. I only included last gen moments.

Mastering the corkscrew @ Laguna SECA in Gran Turismo 3

Robot battles with Impact in Mystical Ninja 64

Defeating my first dragon in Skyrim

Clearing a stage at pure platinum level for the first time in The Wonderful 101 on Hard Mode.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

The best moment of my gaming life was when I first played Tomb Raider with the nude code! Good times!

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AZWification said:

The best moment of my gaming life was when I first played Tomb Raider with the nude code! Good times!

Perv. I also did the same. Guilty pleasure.

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of f**k dont get me started on killzone again.
The final game looks better than the e3 trailer.

Playing DooM for the first time in the '90s is likely my number 1 most epic moment. At the time it was so incredible and revolutionary everyone who played it and was really into gaming, had this common feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same. Playing the Inverted castle in Castlevnia: SotN for the first time and the Super Metroid Mother Brain fight are close seconds.

looking at you uncharted 3 vid made me remember an epic comeback I had in uncharted 3: Molten Ruin

I was looking for a match to play and the servers threw me into some random match where I was on the team losing 19-38, I was like "dammit...might as well get some kills before we lose" so as the games progressing I get a couple of kills and it's around 23-40, still my rationalaztion is get some kills before we lose. Again the the score is around 27-42, got my quick boom option and went in; got a connect four and some other of my teamates get some kills and it like 34-43. than got myself another "quick boom" kickback and got a "5 not alive" bring to about 40-45!!! then I'm like "Holy Shit!!! we can win this!!!" and right after that the other teammates rancked up some kill and its 43-46, just when I was about to get killed I was taking cover from gun fire from 3 people a teamates show up with the hammer and kills 2 out of the 3 and I killed the other. Now it 46-46!!! then out of nowhere one other the player from the other teamm got a double kill and it was 46-48 then I died and it was 46-49 think "ARGH!!! we were so close!!!" I respawn on my buddy get two kill and now it's 48-49, then I saw another teammate in trouble he was hit with a grenade and suffered tha aftershock the oppenent when for a run n' gun option and I was able to kill him just before he killed my teammate and overtime was forced...then we didn't look back..got another quickboom kickback got a "triple" here and with the help of my teammates we won 56-51!!!

I never felt such an accomplishemt in my gaming life!! messeged everyone from my team good game!!!

wish I had the video to show/prove it.

daredevil.shark said:
AZWification said:

The best moment of my gaming life was when I first played Tomb Raider with the nude code! Good times!

Perv. I also did the same. Guilty pleasure.

It's OK, man! The nude code is a Godsend!

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nothing can beat the feeling playing for the first time Super Mario 64

honorable mentions

ocarina of time
star fox (snes)
ridge racer v
tekken tag tournament ps2
street fighter
super mario galaxy
metroid prime

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