Golden Week Sale Celebrates Japanese Games (PS3 and PS Vita)

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I really wish they gave peace walker trophy support on the vita....

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Talal said:

Is Danganronpa worth it?

I want it, but not sure if I should go for it now or wait til it gets a bit older and gets better discounts.

I paid full price for Dangan Ronpa here in the UK and didn't regret it one bit, but this sale doesn't seem like much of a discount.

Might have to buy Persona 4 again at that price as I lost my retail version months ago.

If I download it will it work with my retail save game?

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@ Euphoria it should, I downloaded both gravity rush and uncharted on my vita when they came out for PS+; don't delete the "game bubble" and it worked with my save, just be sure to upload to the cloud just in case.

Tales of Symphonia for 10 bucks! I'm in!