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Just say whetever you want to share about some of your favorite recent songs.

Lately, I've been in a mood of just putting all my worries aside and being happy, finding peace. I think that's one of the reasons why I'm loving the song Happy by Pharell Williams and listening to it all the time.

I like the walk off the earth cover, cause I think they did a great job with it, with the help of artist Parachute.

I'm also a fan of Lyndsey Stirling, and she just released a really powerful emo-dubstep song called shattered. I like it because it had attitude and the art in the video was awesome. I think Lzzy Hale and Lindsey mix well.

The song escalates really well. (And not in a Will Farrell kind of way)

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Shatter Me is AWESOME! I LOVE Stirling!


Right now, I've been listening to Lorde (an indie-sounding girl from New Zeland with that song "Royals," the rest of her albumn is awesome!) and BABYMETAL (a J-pop/metal crossover)



Lorde- Team
Imagine Dragons- Demons


I don't listen songs with lyrics since a long time. This one is my favorite now:

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I'm surprised that I like that Gimme Chocolate song you posted. I don't like metal, and I don't like a-pop, but the mix is interesting.

Slade6alpha said:
Lorde- Team
Imagine Dragons- Demons

What do you think?

Also this is the most recent song that I like!

This is probably the most recent song that I kinda like.  All my other recent  favorite songs are from last year or a  lot older.

I've always liked modest mouse's latest albums but I've never listen to there older stuff so I've been listening to  The Moon & Antarctica wich is pretty good 

One more song that I've been replaying! It's a Christian song, so if you don't mind spiritual undertones, I highly recommend it!