Nintendo Should Go On A Buying Spree of Companies! But Which?

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Who Should Nintendo Buy?

Ubisoft 12 4.55%
Capcom 78 29.55%
Konami 4 1.52%
Square Enix 32 12.12%
Take Two Interactive 12 4.55%
EA Games 17 6.44%
Sega 58 21.97%
Other 22 8.33%
No Company 29 10.98%
kumagawa said:
archbrix said:
Fusioncode said:

According to this they have 4.9b in cash reserves.


Nope.  11.6b as of May 2013:


Ninty's posted losses since then, but not that much.  

Meanwhile according to Nintendo's own finances they have $5.5 billion cash and $13 billion in current assets (including the cash) but that's not the same thing.


So no even if Nintendo wanted to the could not afford Sega, Konami, Bandai Namco or EA while Capcom would halve there cash and with there current situation a very bad idea.

Ah, I stand corrected then.  I can't view the pdf at the moment but since it's official, I'll concede that I was wrong.

Apologies to Fusioncode as well.

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They should buy Platinum Games who should develop a  new Star Fox Wii Music!

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Nintendo should just develop a quality online service that can compete with Plus and Live and make a console that is attractive to third parties.