Nintendo QOL platform, what are it's specs, what is different?

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Will be like a smaller tablet, but comparable to cheapests in the market, but with an infinite number of sensors like wii fit meter. I believe also in a tiny d-pad and ab buttons(or 1 2, to remember wii).

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vkaraujo said:
Metrium said:
All I know is that as a die hard nintendo fan for almost 20years, that QOL platform may be the thing that finally makes me drop support of Nintendo. If it's all about gimmick, all about casual and not enough about games for gamers and if it has once again 1/5th of the specs of it's competition I'm done with Nintendo.

And sadly I believe this will be the case.

I don't get it.


You are going to stop supporting because they are creating another business plataform?

Would you stop supporting SONY because they created Xperia or Vaio?

If that platform is Ninty's next gen console, if that platform is the successor of the WiiU, if that platform is Wii3 or w/v you wanna call it, if that platform is all Ninty has to off to us gamers cause alongside being about fitness it happens to play game, then absolutly.


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