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chris_wing said:
Ka-pi96 said:
chris_wing said:

With Nintendo looking to set up a new third pillar in the Nintendo ecosystem to exist beside the Wii U & 3DS, like the DS was originaly with the Gamecude & Gameboy, what should we expect from the Nintendo QL?

I don't think the DS was ever supposed to coexist with the Gameboy, it was intended as the next gen replacement.

Not exactualy, it was said to be intended to coexist because Nintendo didn't want to risk destroting the Gameboy brand with the unproven DS brand, but you're right that it was truely ment to replace it.

All that "third pillar" stuff was pre damage control in case the DS bombed they could just say it was an experiment and never meant to take the place of Gameboy. They did something similiar with the Wii saying it wasn't really supposed to be direct competition with the PS3/360 in case it didn't do well.

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It´s not a videogames machine.

I think it's some form of tablet.

I wish the OP's avatar was real. :L

By the incredibly limited amount of information I've read, it sounds like a general platform to manage key aspects of your life in a less formal way than the majority of apps and programs do. Think about health/education apps on your phone, integrated with a home console.

Taking health as an example (the easy one considering Wii Fit), I would guess they'd integrate your current devices (e.g. smartphone) to measure your general day to day activity and movement. You'd get home and startup the Wii U which would have all that fitness data accessible. Then you could attach the much forgotten "vitality sensor" to measure your vitals whilst you play some fitness games. Collate all the data and introduce new levels based on what needs improving, but keeping it light hearted "fun".

Could probably do the same for education, taking brain training to a whole new level, lol.

Anyway, all just speculation, and the 'non-wearables' thing is rather confusing unless they mean to surgically implant chips that integrate your day to day life with Nintendo software and games. Imagine playing Mario and jumping on virtual koombas on your commute to work... actually...

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Ka-pi96 said:

I think you are confusing the gaming press with the regular press.

No I'm not. The gaming press would eat up an educational kids tablet for sure! 

Fusioncode said:
Mario branded suppositories. You heard it here first.

Mario will fix your plumbing...

You know whats funny is Iwata will be replaced by the time they have this out :X.

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greencactaur said:
You know whats funny is Iwata will be replaced by the time they have this out :X.

I don't think so.. anyway even (funny) you will have to wait and see what it is.. and how it will be recived.

They have specifically said it's not hardware.

It's likely a software platform like the Miiverse - but instead of focusing on text interaction, it focuses on health benefits.

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