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How good will Nintendo's E3 be?

Hype through the roof! 110 65.48%
Let-down 58 34.52%
awesomeabe1998 said:

Wii U predictions:

-New Mario Kart 8 trailer

-New SSB4 trailer and full roster reveal and date

-New X trailer or gameplay info release window

-Bayo 2 trailer or info only and release Window

-Retros game announced

-Zelda U trailer and info

-New Mario spinoff game 

-Miyamotos new IP

-Fatal Frame

-New Wii U bundle or design

3DS predictions:

A steady game lineup but nothing huge.


My Hopes!!!:

-E3 conference and no direct!

-Miyamotos IP is a FPS

-Retros game is either Star Fox or Metroid or both

-A whole new 3D Mario game 

-An action adventure game (*Cough*Zelda U*Cough*)


-Fatal Frame  ^^

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What i'm interested in:

SMTxFE -info
X - Date
Bayo 2 - Date
Zelda U - Demo
Majoras Mask HD - info

Nintendo will do the expected and figure out a way to muck this all up somehow. I predict that they will most likely leave scraps to the 3DS and focus majorly on the Wii U. Something that doesn't have much light in it's future anyhow.

I also know for a fact that many people will be disappointed because no one knows how to deal with Nintendo, apparently.

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i have some high quality predictions i got from an "insider" at sonisoft.

i heard they are going to talk about a 1st party game like mario going to be released soon.
They are going to anounce a new console in the next 10 years.
The 3ds will get lots of games.
thanks for taking my thoughts to mind!


• Bayonetta 2 again with a release month this time

• X again with an official title this time (full disclosure, I also predicted this last E3)

• Hyrule Warriors again with both of the above this time

• Sonic Boom Wii U & 3DS

• Super Smash Bros with 2 or 3 more new character reveals and a date for the 3DS version

• Zelda Wii U reveal trailer

• Animal Crossing Wii U

• A new Pokemon game for 3DS, be it Z, X2/Y2, 3rd gen remakes, or something else entirely

• Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate info including more specific release window

• Yarn Yoshi and/or SMTxFE might get a mention or a real trailer

• Majora's Mask 3D will happen against Nintendo's much better judgement because people begged for it

That about covers it. I do think Nintendo has other things in the pipeline, but I don't think they'll talk about something like Fatal Frame at E3 out of fear of it being overshadowed. I expect that sort of stuff to be saved for Nintendo Directs down the line, though it's possible they'll go all-out with whatever they've got.

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Nintendo's not going to do a full roster reveal. I feel like they're going to really try and keep some of the surprise this time.

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I would love for them to show a new earth bound. I know they've said they won't return to it, but, I think it would be huge. Please Nintendo, please, come out with your guns blazing. All of your ip's, Zelda, star fox, wave race, f zero, hell, even 1080 snowboarding(which I loved). Not getting my hopes up, but keeping an optimistic attitude toward this years e3. Don't let us down Nintendo, please.....

I believe most of the predictions will be accurate and wii u is going to get a huge increase in sales with the wii wifi going off may 20th

Bayonetta 2
NFC Game
Sonic Boom
Fatal Frame
Hyrule Warriors
Zelda U
Yoshi Yarn
Next Level new game
New collaboration with third party
Retro Studio new game                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     S.T.E.A.M

I know most of this is never going to happen but:

Persona 5 + Tales of Zestiria are now PS3 + Wii U..
2 new Metroids. Prime style for Wii U and 2D for 3DS..
Platinum is working on Starfox Wii U and MadWorld 2..
Mistwalker something for Wii U..
Fatal Frame V world wide release..
X is in the final stages and Baten Kaitos 3 is in the works..
Paper Mario Wii U..
And a bunch of other unrealistic stuff..

A man can dream damnit!

8th gen predictions. (made early 2014)
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WiiU: 30-35m
X1: 30-35m
3DS: 80-85m
PSV: 15-20m