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glitches are annoying but can be funny sometimes. I was toward the end of a mission in the battlefield 4 single player story. The first glitch happened when the  the story would'nt continue for anything. it just kept saying find me a target over and over. When I restarted the checkpoint,the story continued,but ran into another glitch a short time ladder. I climbed a ladder,behind Irish and out of the blue I was flown up in the air and I landed in the water,outside of the ship. I had to restart from the checkpoint for the second time,then I was finally able to finish the segment. What are some funny glitches that you've experienced?

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Once, I was playing Gears of War and the car I was hiding behind started to shake. Then, it hovered into the air. Then it started spinning around faster and faster. Then it just stopped spinning and drove off into car heaven. I grabbed my phone to record it but the image quality was awful. I found it on youtube, though. At the time, it was the funniest thing, ever.

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