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You guys think that Smash Bros sales will boost Wii U above Xbox One and PS4 on a weekly basis but there is almost a zero chance of that happening.

A better version of Smash Bros will come to 3DS way before the Wii U version comes out. The 3DS will have better modes.

Probably 99% of Wii U owners own a 3DS and will want to get the better version first rather than buying the Wii U version later on (look to see what watchdogs sales for Wii U will be after having other versions out).

The 3DS version will be more favored because more people own a 3DS; people can play with more of their friends.

Nintendo gamers say graphics do not matter so buying a 3DS with Smash Bros is a hell of a lot more appealing than buying a $300 dollar system and a $50 dollar game for a couple extra pixels.

To be honest, I see the 3DS version selling 4 million and the Wii U version selling 2.5 million. This game will not be a huge system seller. All my opinion of course, what do you think?

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I see your prediction being right to be honest. The 3DS and Wii U numbers are a little bit high though. The Wii U version will struggle to reach the 2 Million mark.

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Who was saying it will boost above PS4/Xone?

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Jezus, did nintendo do something to you recently? O.o

Your predictions are wayyyy off bro :-/

Pavolink said:
Who was saying it will boost above PS4/Xone?

Nearly all Nintendo fans that agree with Iwata. Read all the posts in the Wii U threads. Edit: The guy above me and kaizer too.

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Look a toastboy thread! *grabs popcorn*

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tbone51 said:

Jezus, did nintendo do something to you recently? O.o

Your predictions are wayyyy off bro :-/


"3DS will have better modes"  We don't even know all the modes in the Wii U version...

Nope. Wii U weekly sales are obviously going to be crappier once Smash Bros 4 comes out!

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It will boost sales, but not by much.