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Most Excited Newcomer?

Greninja 9 17.31%
Rosalina 8 15.38%
Villager 4 7.69%
Wii Fit Trainer 2 3.85%
Little Mac 16 30.77%
Megaman 13 25.00%
*Sound Of Rain said:

I really want Ness back though.

1) Villager    2) Rosalina    3) Olimar (Brawl main)

4) Luigi        5) WF Trainer    6) Greninja

7) Yoshi        8) Little Mac

9) Zelda       10) Zero Suit Samus

olimar is an expert only character, he got a nice buff this time around looking at the direct footage!

I notice tht his previous b down is useless now, maybe it changed to something with rock pikmin?

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tbone51 said:
Metrium said:
1) Pikachu
2) Greninja
3) Link and Toon Link tied.
4) Samus
5) Rosalina
6) Zero Suit Samus
7) Shiek
8) Marth
9) Pit
10) Lil. Mac

Pikachu huh!? That B down O.o Now spikes, big upgrade, i hope they buff him, he needs it


I really hope there are more differences between toon link and link. (all though link has lots of new atks :)

He's always been my main since the original Smash. So for sure when I boot up that game for the very first time, Pikachu will be w/o a doubt the first character I'll use. I also hopes he's upgraded, the B down that spikes sound good, but at the same time it means you won't be able to chain use it on someone in the air over and over again lol.

As for the two links, in Brawl I always prefered Toon over regular Link cause I thought Link was way to slow and heavy for my taste wich imo was enough to differenciate both of them. I'm eager to taste how these two feels, maybe it will be the other way around this time, with regular Link having a perfect balance of bulk and speed while Toon could feel way to light/squishy.


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tbone51 said:

olimar is an expert only character, he got a nice buff this time around looking at the direct footage!

I notice tht his previous b down is useless now, maybe it changed to something with rock pikmin?

I'm no expert (IMO) and just used him a lot because I like the character. That's what I do with all fighting games. I practice to get good with the characters I like rather than someone I'm good with. In SSBU, there's a good chance that I'll try to make Villager my main. 

I really like the roster right now, if I get Lucas and Snake back I will have no problems with it. (Also if the recent leak is true Chorus Men would definitely be a character I would be interested in.) Anyways here's my list:
1. Little Mac (been waiting for years to play him)
2. Toon Link (wind waker is my favorite game)
3. King Dedede (always been my fav kirby character since i was little)
4. Diddy Kong (same as king ddd except the dk franchise)
5. Marth (unless Lucina makes it in by some miracle)
6. Greninja (water type was always my fav since blue)
7. Link (new dash attack o.o)
8. Villager (glad animal crossing finally got a character)
9. Olimar (wing pikmin! lol)
10. Megaman (looks interesting)


1. Toon Link (because Wind Waker, that's why)
2. Mega Man (doubt he'll be one I use often, but be cool to try out)
3. Little Mac (same as Mega Man)
4. Greninja (same as above)
5. Villager (still the same reason)
6. Fox (because I've become the cliche and use him a lot now)
7. Pit (because I wanna see how well he's updated)
8. Link (because Twilight Princess, that's why)
9. Pikachu (always a good time)
10. Zero Suit Samus (because hopefully she's better than she was in Brawl)

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Bman54 said:
7. Pit (because I wanna see how well he's updated)

He's looking very solid. Both Pit and Bowser have gone thru so many changes they wont feel the same. By far the most changed veterans out of the 23 revealed.

Little Mac is the main reason I'm going to buy this game.

1) Luigi (always my main)
2) Little Mac (I think I'm going to enjoy the moveset)
3) Megaman (looks powerful, although they've not shown too many of his limitations)
4) Rosalina (the teamwork with the Luma looks an interesting technique)
5) Greninja (I'm interested to try it out)
6) Pit (When doing the SSE, he was always one of my main choices in the later stages, so might be useful in Smash Run)
7) Fox (He's been a favourite alternative for me in Brawl)
8) Wii Fit Trainer (yes, really.)
9) Marth (like Fox, he makes a nice change from time to time)
10) Pikachu. (I hate that electric rat with a passion. I only choose it in the hope that I will annoy the hell out of my opponents as much as they annoy me with it!)

1. Zelda (My main since Melee)
2. Toon Link/Link (Toon Link is my secondary main)
3. Wii Fit Trainer (Hilarious, quirky, and unexpected. Can't wait to try them out)
4. Peach (My best character for stock battles as her recovery and jumping make it so easy to outlast others)
5. Little Mac (Looks quick, powerful, and fun)
6. Marth (Was always put off by how feminine he looked, in this game he actually looks like a boy...that's all :p)
7. Villager (Hilarious and secretly evil, can't wait)
8. Pit (Now that his gliding is gone and his recovery is improved, I think I'll like him)
9. Rosalina (Seems interesting and like she might be a challenge to learn...but at least worth a try)
10. Zero Suit Samus (Weird, random boots aside, she now has some kicks like Cammy who is my main in SF)

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tbone51 said:
Mr Khan said:
Kirby and Dedede were two of my old mains (the other two, Game and Watch hasn't been announced yet and Ike is likely going to be cut).

I'm interested in Zelda now that she is no longer burdened by Sheik. Never liked Sheik, always kinda-liked Zelda, but never enough to try maining.

Any newcomers you want to try out? (well i mean your #1)

Little Mac, i guess.

None of them seem especially appealing to me for different reasons, though i'll certainly try all of them to make sure. I've never liked the really zippy characters, so Greninja's out. Rosalina/Luma thing seems gimmicky, i also haven't liked projectile users (Megaman). Villager seems gimmicky too, though he's harder to figure out. Wii Fit Trainer might also be good.

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