Forums - Sales Discussion - What do You Rate the Chances of Xbox One Winning the Generation in the USA?

Will Xbox One win the generation in USA?

Guaranteed 29 7.06%
Likely 53 12.90%
Possible 128 31.14%
Unlikely 124 30.17%
Not a chance 67 16.30%
Don't want to vote but want to see results 10 2.43%

There's a poll coming so hold your horses please.

So we've seen that Xb one and PS4 are selling within each other's margin for error. Anyone who says 61K vs 56K isn't a virtual tie doesn't really understand how this site works. But of course bragging rights are always a bit of fun.

We've seen the Titanfall effect and we've seen MS adjust its pricing to be more competetive. And both of these things have made Xb one competetive with PS4 in the USA.

I think Sony will be slow to drop PS4 price. While Sony isn;t solely dependant on PS4 for future profits, it is important for PS4 to be decently profitable. and PS4 is in a position that Sony never needs to drop the PS4 price to go into a loss leader territory, once PS4 gets out of the current loss leader situation of course.

Despite PS4 doing better than Xb one so far, USA still likes Xbox.

Games sell consoles, and the games Xbox offers the US consumer are games they like. Sony might come up with the proverbial "Halo killer" but they probably won't.

So all this adds up to Xb one being in a strong competetive position in the USA. But will it actually overcome the renewed popularity of PS4?

PS4 has a lot going for it, there's no need to go into detail, the advantages of PS4 are well known, and it's obvious the gaming public have recognised all the things Sony has done right, and they've rewarded Sony with the early generation lead in the USA. But it's only a 10% lead, so not much of a lead.

I'm voting right down the middle: it's possible.

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Its Possible... 'Merica


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I think X1 will win US in the end, but nowhere else. I think MS will get 60% marketshare between itself and PS4 maximum, so a lot closer than last gen

I voted possible. It has a chance.

iz possible we'll know better after these holidays


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It's pretty 50/50 right now. Which is surprising to be honest, considering how much stronger the 360 was than the PS3 in the US last gen. It's especially surprising when we consider how much more effort MS put into the region than they do everywhere else.

Still, it really can go either way. If i had to make a bet i think the X1 might edge out the PS4 by the end, but who knows.

Unlikely. I believe that at this current trend, PS4 will dominate USA with Xbox One stepping on its heels.

possible, decent price cut and or drop the mandatory kinect and stop putting shit behind paywalls, I've a new found love for my Xbox one.

Possibley xbox
Just because it's an American brand and it's known as the shooter box
It won't win anywhere else.

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I'm 60/40 in favor of the Xbox One, since America loves the Xbox brand (just look at X360 vs. PS3), and they love shooters (Halo and Gears of War), however Sony is doing great when you compare to X360 vs. PS3, and you never know what they'll pull out of their hat.
I think in the end the Xbox One will win in America in terms of sales, but not with as much at the gap between the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. However, if Playstation 4 defeats the Xbox One in America this gen, I think Microsoft might consider selling the division. Losing America would be one of the most painfull things that can happen to the Xbox brand.