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Ok, so, I want suggestions from y'all. I sold my Xbox 360 with like 25 games to buy my Xbox One. No regrets there, I love my one. But the reality is that there are not enough games that grab my attention yet. So I am thinking of either buying a last generation console. Here's my take:

Xbox 360: I still buy the free games through Games with Gold, so I would buy an Xbox 360 to play those and Batman Origins.

PS3: There are some games that are exclusive to the console that I wanted to play like the Last of Us. This would give me access to a bunch of games that are also on the 360.

Wii U: I miss Nintendo games a lot!! They are always easy to get into and provide countless hours of fun. Plus, I hate the fact that I couldn ot play many of their gems such as Zelda, Mario Kart, Galaxy, etc.

So what say you? What should I do?


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WiiU if you really just want to play Nintendo games cause u aren't gonna get any third party (which doesn't really matter since you have an x1 anyway) cause there are an awesome number of first party games coming

But the Ps3 is a good choice too, its mature library of quality games and jrpg and etc really does make it a good choice and with more games such as persona 5 on the way, this will be an awesome choice as well


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I'd go Wii U, but sad that you missed out on the PS3 exclusives. really wouldnt go back to a 360 tho, try some new games.

PS3 sounds like your best bet, just for the exclusives you missed. Just don't buy that waste of space 12GB version.


Sounds like you could be happy with a WiiU as well. It has some good exclusives. 

I would say a Wii U. So you can even play the Wii games you missed and there are a lot great exclusive Nintendo titles.

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Wii U because backwards compatibility.

Well, this is new.


Since you already have xbox for 3party, I would recommend the wiiU. Only get a PS360 if you really want to play some last gen gems.

Wii U of course. You get two systems in one. Catch up on an awesome backlog of Wii games while getting to stay current on some bad ass Wii U games.

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Wii U, since that game has the most original exclusives and will receive support in the form of exclusive content in the future, unlike the PS3 and X360.

Wii U. Nintendo needs it. Give an unwanted console a home.