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So, my story begins back in 2010. Nintendo announced its new handheld, Nintendo 3DS, and with him, some good games too... But the only one i got excited for was Resident Evil: Revelations. I had a Nintendo DS back in 2008~2010, and i also played a lot on PSP, so in 2011 Sony announced the NGP. I got fascinated, that piece of hardware, the new possibilities and the old stuff who could appear on him was kinda magical. Well, didn't last long, i guess. Few months later they announced Monster Hunter 4 exclusively on 3DS, and my hopes of getting a PS handheld to play Monster Hunter(I had almost 300h in MHP3rd) was gone... What did i done? Bought a 3DS in mid 2012. Vita was expensive, and i still really wanted to play Resident Evil. The problem is that, i finished the game(The best RE in years), and played some other games but... It didn't really hooked me, so i sold it(And i regreted when they announced Pokemon few days later). 
I never stopped to follow Vita news. I was waiting for Killzone Mercenary since it was announced, and i followed EVERY FUCKING SINGLE Sony conference from NGP announcement in jan. 2011. I watched E3 2011, 2012, 2013, i watched Gamescon 2011, 2012(WONDERBOOK), 2013 and Tokyio Game Show 2011, 2012 and 2013 too(Not even knowing anything else in Japanese from Kawaii, Arigatou, Sayionara). 2011 events was really good(besides TGS, wich they talked a lot of 3G, etc), but after that, i only got desapointed. No big announcements, big projects going nowhere(like Bioshock), a lot of indie party(not bad thing), and big franchises being with games from small studios... I didn't gave up, and i got my PS Vita late 2013, even after the big E32013 and Gamescon hype("Gamescon will be Vita show") dissapointment, i got one... And, wow, its still a big piece of hardware, and it have its great games! Gravity Rush is unique, Uncharted and AC3L are great Single Player experiences, Dragon's Crown is also good to play alone, with friends or even with someone who you dont know, the matchmaking is really good, and the game is GREAT. I also played Soul Sacrifice, and a lot of PS Plus freebies, but still its missing "something", its missing Sony attention... Every single time they go in public talk about Vita, i get ashamed. It just feels like they really dont care about it, and thats why Gamescon 2014 will be the last chance i give to Sony. 
E3 is coming for them to show some love, but Gamescon will be definitive. Im getting another 3DS late this year, cuz Monter Hunter 4 is coming to west, but if i will sell my Vita or not, i will decide at Gamescon!

Sorry for the outflow.

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I can understand that.

Hopefully the new president of SCEA puts more push into the system than Jack did. There are no worries of the system being discontinued soon due to Japan, but in the west it's having some issues.

Did you get around to playing Killzone though? Great gameplay.

You know, If I was a mod, I would go through every single posts like this and fix the spacing

Anyway, Vita seems to have great games in Japan but it also seems to have some unique games in the west. I am hoping for something amazing as well so if I do buy a Vita in the future before all the OLED versions run out, I might play something awesome. But of course, if you don't like niche/anime/jrpg games, it is very hard to justify a vita imo.


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Makes sense. But I feel like E3 will be where Vita will have some spotlight.

Kawaii, Arigatou and Sayionara, you just need to learn one more word to be prepared to Japan, and here it is: Neko.
Now you are prepared.

And yeah, Sony just seems like they don't bother with Vita, but maybe this year with the PS4 giving they money and making Vita as remote play, just MAYBE, they will gave it a try again... but don't get your hopes high.

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lucky me prefered games were mostly from japanese and Asia PSN nearly have them all... 

Sony really isn't pushing the Vita in the West and I don't blame them. They had a 33% price cut last year and sales were unaffected. They released Killzone: Mercenaries and Tearaway -- two critically acclaimed games that failed commercially and did nothing to  help sales of the system. Why then should they keep trying? Obviously there's not a lot of interest for the Vita.

It's kind of the same situation with the Wii U. Yes Nintendo, in theory, could spend a ton more cash making software for the platform, and maybe some games will find success. Or they can more wisely spend their money developing games for their already successful device (the 3DS in this case). There's only so much money that these companies have to work with. The return on investment for developing games on the PS3/ PS4/ PC and even mobile are much more greater than developing games for the PS Vita.

I sold my Vita last Christmas. I spent 199 dollars for the handheld, 40 dollars for a memory card, 30 for accessories, plus tax. The Vita is not worth anywhere close to that much money; I wish someone would have told me that before I bought it. I bought another Vita recently though for $89. For that price, I'm very satisfied. It's now my device to catch up on PSP and PS1 classics. I don't expect much from Sony when it comes to the Vita. Clearly, there is not much demand for it in this market.

Should probably just decide now, because PS4 is looking to be the moneymaker for Sony.