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oniyide said:


I remember when some people swore up and down that Wii U would have passed Vita by holiday 2013. Well its April and there is still about a two mil difference between the two and it doesnt seem like WIi U will catch up anytime soon. Xone is about 2 mil behind WiiU some here are saying it will pass it in the summer. 


What say you? When will Wii U finally catch up to and pass Vita? Can it do it? When will Xone catch and pass Wii U? 

I think earliest Wii U could catch Vita is the holiday season. Xone will get close but be fought off by the combination of MK8 and Smash Bros. I think both games will give WIi U a decent boost and be enough for it to eventually catch Vita and keep ahead of ONE. I dont really see anything coming out big for Vita or One this year. But maybe e3 will surprise. 

I'm not sure Wii U will ever pass Vita.

As for the X1..  well, if things keep going the way they are going right now..  then I would say Q1 or Q2 of 2015.  But I lot of things could change and Nintendo might pull something.

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Wii U won't pass Vita, Xbox One will pass them both.

Xbox One will pass both Vita & Wii U. Wii U "may" pass Vita at some point, but I don't honestly know at this point whether Wii U can stay ahead in the long run. Wii U is selling at unprecedented levels of horrible right now.. its hard to believe a major comeback is ahead, but weirder things have happened.

Xbone will pass the Wii U sometime mid to late 2015. Wii U will pass Vita by Christmas 2014, but Vita will retake the lead at some point because of the longer life.


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Really good question. Japan is keeping Vita alive, the only potential system mover in the west, afaik, is going to be Borderlands 2 and from the footage I've seen, it only looks okay.

MK8 and Smash will do great for WiiU but I wonder if they will be enough to get the WiiU ahead of the Vita this year. IMO the fall lineup for WiiU doesn't feel like they will move many consoles.

I can't really speak to the fall lineup for the XB1 since the games supposedly coming out then, I've seen very little in the way of gameplay or story.

I'll guess that WiiU will catch Vita before XB1 catches WiiU. They could very well happen around the same time. WiiU has to sell 2mill on top of w/e Vita sells which means XB1 has to do 4mill on top of that.

Anyway, E3 is definitely going to be huge in deciding which will win this particular race. I'm hoping for great software for all the new consoles and handhelds.

Edit: I'll add that if WiiU does pass Vita, it probably won't hold that lead for long. Vita will likely get support longer than the WiiU. Look at the PSP.

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NobleTeam360 said:
Xbox isn't doing horrible like the other two platforms you mentioned, but to entertain the thread I'll just say that the Wii U will never pass the Vita and the Xbox One will pass both of them by the end of 2014 or early 2015.

Vita isn't doing that horrible either...It was only 18K behind X1 this week. Honestly, they just need to get more support in NA. If they do that, I can see it selling on par with the X1, cause right now Japan is a monster for Vita.

X1 will win out of the 3, WiiU will be last and Vita will keep warm in the middle

Dulfite said:
Look, 2015 could be horrible for the Wii U, but the games we are getting on wii u in the second half of this year are going to make the wii u epic in 2014 and the sales are gonna boost like crazy. Does Vita or Xbox one have as many heavy hitters coming in 2014 as the Wii U does? I'm seriously asking those that are informed about xbox/vita games are the 2014 games comparable in terms of impact to the 2014 wii u games that are coming?

Well, the Wii U has 2 heavy hitters this year that we know of with Smash/MK. X1 only has Halo, but it also has a bunch of medium games like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and Fable Legends. There are also supposedly a few unannounced exclusives coming in 2014 IIRC. That plus good third party support should easily allow the X1 to outpace the Wii U, but whether it passes it before the end of 2014 is stil debatable. Vita is just getting a ton of Japanese support, and has had a higher baseline than the Wii U so far this year because of it. The Wii U has to sell 2m more than the Vita this year to outsell it, which is possible but probably not very likely. Even if Western support and numbers don't improve, the vita is doing well enough in Japan that MK and smash probably won't be enough to put the Wii U ahead.

Wii u will never catch Vita and Xbox one will surpass both of them.

X1 will pass both soon, but I dunno if the Wii U will pass the Vita, it's selling good in JP, they really are into handheld gaming (including smartphones).