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Which New Mod Is Your Favorite?

BatmanTheDogCatcher 15 18.99%
ConeGamers_Dog 21 26.58%
SmeagsNeedsBaning 3 3.80%
Smeags Needs Banning (Ser... 37 46.84%

Users of VGChartz, with this thread we try to make the actions of the mod team more transparent.

All usual forum rules apply. If you have a question on a ban you have recieved, it is highly recommended that you either contact the Moderator who issued out your moderation or the head Moderator (AxumBlade) through our PM system. For other users, you may criticise certain actions as long as you stay respectful and have valid points to back up your claims.

  • DO NOT try to use the following information to provoke other users (including those who were moderated).
  • This is NOT a place to request bans for other users.
User Moderated: Type of Moderation: Days Moderated: Moderation Issued By:
007BondAgent Trolling 1 TruckOSaurus
007BondAgent Requested Permanent TruckOSaurus
160rmf Trolling 1 Kasz216
AngryLemon Alternate ID (TornadoCreator) Permanent Smeags
ArnoldRimmer Flaming 1 Smeags
Aviggo77 Spam 5 Yo_John117
AwakeAndAlive Trolling 1 Kresnik
BananaKing21 Flaming 1 Mr Khan
BeElite Trolling 10 Mr Khan
BigTakilla Trolling 3 Kresnik
BlackGohan09 Alternate ID (BlackGoku09) Permanent Torillian
BladeForce Trolling 30 Smeags
BobGamer Flaming 3 Mr Khan
BonzoBanana Trolling 1 Mr Khan
Captain_Tom Trolling 7 Mr Khan
Charger8 Alternate ID (NinjaBlade) Permanent Kresnik
ChesshireCat Flaming 1 Smeags
ClamBurgler Alternate ID (Dallas) Permanent Mr Khan
Curl-6 Trolling 3 AxumBlade
DekaTree Alternate ID (NinjaBlade) Permanent Barozi
DolPhanTendo Flaming 5 Mr Khan
DolPhanTendo Flaming 7 Smeags
DonFerrari Flaming 10 Mr Khan
DonFerrari Trolling 3 Smeags
Dr.Grass Flaming Permanent Smeags
Dr.Henry_Killinger Flaming 1 Smeags
Dr.Henry_Killinger Flaming 3 Mr Khan
DSP333 Trolling 1 Mr Khan
Efialtes76 Trolling 1 Mr Khan
Endimion Flaming 7 Mr Khan
Ethomaz Flaming 10 Mr Khan
ExDeath Trolling 3 Mr Khan
Fallen Trolling 3 Kantor
FlamingWeazel Flaming 20 AxumBlade
FusionCode Flaming 1 Mr Khan
Game_God Trolling 3 Mr Khan
GigaSheik Trolling 3 Smeags
Halil23 Trolling 7 Smeags
Heckon Flaming 3 Mr khan
Hynad Flaming 5 Mr Khan
ImagineDvl Flaming 7 Smeags
Impertinence Flaming 3 Smeags
Impertinence Flaming 3 Mr Khan
Jega Flaming 3 Kasz216
JumpIn Flaming 14 AxumBlade
JustAGamer Flaming 1 Smeags
Kaizar Spam 5 Smeags
Kaizar Flaming 20 AxumBlade
Kane1389 Trolling 5 Mr Khan
Kiz5000 Trolling Permanent Mr Khan
Krill Trolling 1 Kresnik
Krill Flaming 1 Kresnik
KupoMogli Flaming 1 Mr Khan
Kymmi1989 Spam 1 Kresnik
Kynes Flaming 1 Yo_John117
KyoMagi Flaming 1 Kasz216
LawLight Trolling 14 Mr Khan
LurkerJ Trolling 7 Smeags
LyrikalStylez Trolling 10 TruckOSaurus
LyrikalStylez Trolling 14 Mr Khan
MatthewConner2100 Spam 1 Kresnik
MB1025 Trolling 3 Mr Khan
MegaDrive08 Requested Permanent Barozi
MegaFenix Alternate ID 5 Torillian
MegaFenix Trolling 1 Yo_John117
Mike_L Flaming 5 Smeags
Mind Flaming 1 Smeags
MonstaTruk Flaming Permanent Smeags
MorenoIngrato Requested 45 Smeags
Mr Puggsly Flaming 7 TruckOSaurus
Nintentacle Trolling 1 Kresnik
NuckinFutz2014 Flaming 1 Smeags
NYCrysis Flaming 5 Kresnik
Oliver4p1 Flaming 1 Smeags
Oniyide Trolling 1 Kantor
PlayNBox Trolling 1 TruckOSaurus
PlayNBox Alternate ID (Peshkavus) Permanent Smeags
Porcupeth Flaming 1 Smeags
QuintonMcLeod Trolling 3 AxumBlade
Rafux Trolling 1 Mr Khan
Rafux Flaming 3 Mr Khan
Raven722 Flaming 3 Kasz216
RoboTechHeaven Requested Permanent Kresnik
Rooki Alternate ID (NinjaBlade) Permanent Barozi
Roman838892 Trolling 5 RadishHead
Roman838892 Trolling 7 Smeags
Ronco2000 Flaming 3 Kasz216
Selnor1983 Trolling 14 Torillian
Sensei Trolling 5 Mr Khan
Sensei Trolling 7 Mr Khan
SevenGen Flaming 5 Kresnik
SolidCobra Alternate ID (NinjaBlade) Permanent Kantor
SomeGuyIsa Flaming 3 Kresnik
Somini Flaming 10 Smeags
StarWorld Alternate ID (NinjaBlade) Permanent TruckOSaurus
SuperNihilist Flaming 7 Mr Khan
Tanok Alternate ID (MegaFenix) Permanent Torillian
TarHeelsAllDay Trolling 1 Mr Khan
TBone51 Flaming 7 Smeags
TheGhosts Flaming 14 RadishHead
Think-Man Flaming 5 Kantor
ToastBoy44562 Trolling 20 Smeags
TornadoCreator Flaming 1 Kresnik
TornadoCreator Flaming 3 Smeags
TornadoCreator Flaming Permanent Smeags
Turkish Flaming 3 Mr Khan
Uabit Trolling 1 Smeags
Uabit Trolling 3 Kresnik
Uabit Flaming 3 RadishHead
Uabit Flaming 5 Mr Khan
Vasto Trolling 7 Mr Khan
Vasto Flaming 3 Mr Khan
VitroBahllee Flaming 1 Mr Khan
Vladimir7 Trolling 1 Mr Khan
Wick Flaming 7 Mr Khan
Wick Flaming 7 Smeags
Yvanjean Flaming 1 Yo_John117
Zadainie Flaming 1 TruckOSaurus
Zax Flaming 3 Kantor
Zelda09 Alternate ID (BlackGoku09) Permanent Barozi
  • 120 Unique Bans

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That's a whoooole 'ot of bans

So you guys asked that users with Alternate ID bans be matched with their original IDs, and I actually listened for once! Yay me!

With that said, enjoy and be sure to stick to the guidelines posted in the OP. ^_^

Almost got the hat trick..

Also, a shoutout to Barozi who has become our resident NinjaBlade hunter.

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I voted that smeags still needs banning firstly because a ban on april fools doesn't really count and because he had an alt account

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So... Does a mod ever get banned?


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Jesus Satan fuck orgy! You banned half the site!

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

So... Does a mod ever get banned?

You'll find out for the April Edition.


Correction. Khan banned half the site.

Smeags said:
Also, a shoutout to Barozi who has become our resident NinjaBlade hunter.

Whats the matter with ninjablade? Cant we just accept him as a human?

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