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more footage

This is probably one of the best looking Mario Kart 8 tracks

What do you guys think of dem grafix

Edit: a couple more videos

check out the water puddles in this one

and this one is a retro track comparison, check out Moo Moo Meadows difference

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Definitely the best looking Wii U game yet as far as I'm concerned.

They are incredible both artistically and techically.It's a game that I will surely show to anyone doubting Wii u's tech.It won me from the first trailer I saw and Iam even more excited as the time of release approaches.It's a shame 3d World was such a letdown at least for me.Both visually and in scale.

Best looking gen 8 ive seen so far. I dont even like mk but cant wait for this game them graphics look phenomal.

technically nothing special. But artstyle is great. Looks awesome.

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I'll judge when I see it in native resolution on a big screen. Everything looks good in a tiny rectangle.

Project GATSOOMGPCAPISE is finished. 2k well spent.

Lovely. This is what Nintendo fans missed out on while they were playing Wii instead a PS3 or 360 class hardware.

My 8th gen collection

Are we still entertaining ideas that the Wii U isnt next gen? For a non next gen system it sure is producing really good looking games that rival the so called "true" next-gen systems.

I still think Rainbow Road looks the best out of all the tracks, Its just... Fappppppppp

In b4 PC people that can't appreciate art direction and say ploygons are better than art therefore MK8 sucks


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Dem graphics! They are simply jaw-dropping!

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