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Pemalite said:

There are lots of factors.
But the fact of the matter is, the USA is ranked near the bottom out of the worlds developed nations in regards to life expectancy, infant mortality rates, efficiency, cost and overall care, not to mention higher rates of death from drug addiction, car accidents and guns which a more responsive health system can help mitigate. (Better education helps too.)
Then you have 40 million+ people who don't have cover at all, where-as everyone in my nation is covered. - That's the big difference.
I've had to take clients to hospital at stupid hours in the morning for various reasons (Like Morphine, Cortisone etc'), no cost or waiting and in most cases no paperwork, they got what they needed and I took the client home.


Did you actually read what I posted... i'm curious, because I totally explained... most of those.


For example, the United States has a much higher infant mortality rate...   Do you know what is the biggest cause of Infant Mortality in the developed world?

Teen Pregnancies.   


(Which also by the way, happens to be a big cause of non-communicable diseases).


and no better responsive health care can't really help accidents or anything like that... first responseders to a point... but first responders don't check health insurance.



Also generally you want to include incidence rates along with deaths per a disease, as it can often make things look different.

For example.  When it comes to prostate cancer.


The first is  rates contracted.

While the second is deaths caused by it.

 Would you say the US is worst at treating it?


Spain Italy and the USA have the worst HIV/AIds deaths.   Also, the most cases of it.  Etc.


USA has very few Stomache cancer deaths.   Also low prevelence of Stomache cancer coincidentally.


Noone ever seems to bother to combine incidence rates, deaths and age adjustments.  


Let alone other factors.  Hell the UK has universal healthcare, and yet healthcare rates seem VERY dependent on where you live for a variety of other factors.

and that's not even getting into a WHOLE other set of factors.

Genetic makeup, poverty, just underlying culture, family structure... there are so many unaccounted for things

One interesting note from the study you mentioned?  Once you hit 75.  If your in the US, you are more likely to live longer then anywhere else.  

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From a personal experience, I consider the healthcare system in the US a fucking joke. In 2006 I twisted my knee while playing soccer and tore my ACL. The next day I went to the ER ( I had no insurance). Instead of o getting an MRI to check the ligaments from my knee the stupid docter got an XRAY which showed nothing but my bones in perfect condition, then the docter told me to go to an orthopedic center to get an MRI. So, the stupid XRAY that did nothing for me costed me 900 dollers .

Then, I decided to start paying for health insunrance, not in the US, but in my home country (Brasil). Back then the health plan costed me about 50 dollers a month (right now I pay about 80). It covered everything: MRI, Surgery, Medication and food during the 2 nights I spent at the hospital, presurgical test, and so on.

It is a fucking joke that a currupt third world country like Brasil has a better "private" health care system (public health care is usually pretty bad) for its citizens than the US. It is laughable actually.

Oh yeah, the brazilian docter did a great job on my knee. It has been about 7 years since I had my surgery and my knee is strong as ever, I play soccer without any pain or anything.