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Everytime I have a discussion with a Nintendo gamer; whether online or in person, they are always the most enjoyable to talk with. Not sure why, but they offer their opinions on gaming related things and will respectfully agree or disagree ect. They are fun to play games with. They enjoy the little things in games. Whether it be showing you where to catch a rare Pokemon or helping you do some stuff in Animal Crossing.

On the other side; sometimes when I talk to a Sony or Microsoft gamer they are impatient and stubborn in their opinions. Often loud and inconsiderate. Not much discussion is had with these types of gamers if you disagree with their opinions. 

I should write a book.

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*gets popcorn*

Well, this is new.


Our experiences differ.

I'll do my best.

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awww thanks :)

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You need to go to nintendo part of the forum here more times then ...


april fool's was yesterday

I could agree with that.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Tnnaaw, I love you too!

The ones that are in their older 20s/30s are ... the one who are in their teens/20s can be a mixed bag.

I remember one guy hovering over me as I was trying the Rayman Legends demo when the first Wii U kiosks popped up whispering in my ear that the graphics would be far better than PS3 or 360. He totally had the "geek" smell to him too, lol. It was like meeting some of the fanboys off this board in person.

Generally I agree though the more sensible/non-geeky Nintendo fans are the most pleasant to sit down and talk gaming with or just hang out with. It doesn't hurt that a fair number of them happen to be women, the Nintendo booth at E3 for example had a much more mixed crowd.  

The worst are the Callofduty fanboys and the Chad Warden (sp?) teenagers.