American Vgcharter's: Who is the stronger leader? Vladimir Putin or Barrack Obama?

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Who is stronger as a leader?

putin 142 58.20%
obama 45 18.44%
See results 57 23.36%

Walter H. White

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Putin, he's got balls of steel!

I don't worship. Neither are leaders, but rather leaching criminals perpetuating their organized crime (the state.) So, the question is analagous to, "who is the better gang boss? " 

Obama. Did you see his interview with Zach Galifianakis? ROFLMAO!

spurgeonryan said:
chapset said:
Dictators always appear strong and the ones trying to calm the situation weak

I wonder. Is Obama calming the situation or making it worse?

Also, wasnt it putin trying to calm the situation in syria?   Remind me, who came out looking stronger there?

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Jack Sheppard

Putin isn't strong in this case ... people misunderstand something -- under Putin Russia has lost Ukraine and mismanaged the situation massively.

The puppet president they tried to put in Ukraine was run out of the country and with no other options left they were forced to seize a small chunk of the country, but the end result is they have probably lost Ukraine to NATO/EU influence for good.

This is a collosal disaster for Russia, lets not make any bones about it.

It would be like the US losing California to Mexico or something, lol, but invading a small portion of Northern California in retaliation.

Putin f*cked this whole situation up. That's not strength. They invaded Crimea out of desperation. Soon Russia will be encircled by NATO with no buffer zone from Ukraine or Moldova. 

Putin is also monumentally stupid for revving up the Cold War rhetoric, because if there's something both political parties in the US can rally around it's that Russian aggression needs to be dealt with. So now America is going to be given the greenlight by both parties with public support to spend tons of money helping Ukraine and so will other members of the EU. 

Whereas if they had kept this situation under control, there wouldn't be popular support for aiding Ukraine, but now everyone is going to come and help Ukraine pay down their debts and offer all types of trade/energy deals. 

Let me put it this way. If they both were Samus: Putin would have a weak but fully functional varia suit, while Obama would have a strong varia suit, albeit with most features locked by Adam, in other words democracy. :P The US is way more powerful than Russia though.

Obama is a pussy

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swii26 said:
Obama is a pussy

I'm sure Bin Laden thought that too. 

Putin has f*cked himself, Obama is smart to let Putin fester in his failure. 

The outcome of the Ukraine situation from where it was six months is basically the worst case scenario for Russia -- they've lost Ukraine for good and Ukraine now will be fast tracked for closer EU ties and NATO membership. They've also driven other countries like Moldova closer to the US.

Russia gained nothing but access to Crimea's naval bases, which they had before anyway ... they've now lost the rest of Ukraine completely. Complete and total disaster for Russia, they have completely lost and alienated their most staunch and geographically important ally.