Will Capcom be able to retain relevancy in this gen?

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Capcom has such a rich history and a big, diverse portfolio of games, such as Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Ghosts n Goblins, Onimusha, Monster Hunter, etc..but most of these franchises have already waned or are on their way, and it looks like the company is kinda a mess right now.

Do you see Capcom truly going down the shitter (as in, far more than they already have, to the point they become irrelevant) or do you think they still have what it takes to make a comeback?

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Capcom is doomed... I don't even get their logic a lot of the times... Like for example, the massive amounts of money they got from Monster Hunter 4, they decided to spend all of that on the mobile division... Its like what... No Capcom, you got money cause u made a great game and you spend all that on something so pointless? Just arghh


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Do they even have enough money to make these games? I heard their financials were in the gutter.

Einsam_Delphin said:
Do they even have enough money to make these games? I heard their financials were in the gutter.

I'd have to check to see the overall picture, but their market performance has been all over the goddamn place. They just cut their profit projections in half despite overall revenue growing slightly. Trying to fix the mobile strategy they just dumped all that MH4 money into was cited as the main cause. 

But the lack of money is only an issue bcause of how badly they've been handling their IP lately. RE6 went over like a lead baloon and fell short of their ridiculous sales expectations, causing them to promise a return to the series' roots after saying survival horror isn't profitable. Mega Man has been AWOL for years. The DmC reboot only sold half as much as they'd hoped--far less than DMC4, which was part of the original series that they said needed a reboot and wasn't "cool" enough anymore. Street Fighter x Tekken was dogshit before the major 2013 patch, and had the pay-to-win and on-disc DLC dual debacles hovering over it. Not to mention how most of the people who helped build the company's reputation back in the day left years ago.

What do they have coming down the pipeline that will get people excited about the company again? The only next-gen title we know they're working on is Deep Down, which is built around a new engine that is still a work in progress. They've stated that work done with the Phanta Rei engine is 10x more intensive than the MT Framework they used last gen. Considering how difficult it was for them to make money on the PS3 and 360, how do they expect to do any better under those circumstances? 

They're not starting the new generation off on a strong note.

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Only way capcom will be able to fund more of their franchises being turned into Call of Duty clones is if each fireball in Hyper Street fighter 4 costs .99cent off psn/xbla....

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I am hoping for Nintendo to acquire them and put them out of their misery.

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Capcom no longer have a single IP that is still relevant, here in the west atleast. So unless they can strike gold with a new IP, it will be a tough gen for them.


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If Nintendo buys them and reboots Mega Man, the sky's the limit

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Maybe with Monster Hunter, but I don't think anything else will be able to help them that much.

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As far as I'm concerned they lost relevancy during the 7th gen. In my eyes most of their IP already lost me as a fan. If I didn't hate it already it still massively let me down with it's most recent iteration. I almost wish they would go bankrupt. Maybe a company whom will use the IPs or treat them well would get them.

They could come back but I doubt it. The only cow they have left to milk seems contractually obligated to keep mainline games on Nintendo Handhelds. They don't seem to really be thinking outside of the box much so I don't really see a comeback.  It really only saddens me cause it means no more Dragons Dogma. Beyond that R.I.P. Capcom.