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WiiWare is coming soon (next month in Japan, May 12th in US and no release date for Europe) and some games are already announced like Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles and Lostwinds.

So, what games can we expect for WiiWare?

I hope WiiWare will have the same popularity as XboxLive Arcade, an notably, find games already purposed on the XLA : Rez or Lumines for example,or games already edited on DVD like Mercury Meldtown Revolution or Geometry Wars Galaxies.

Even if I'm doubtful about this possibility, I would like to find "forget" GC games : DK Konga 3, Naruto4, Battle DON Stadium or Baten Kaitos 2 (in Europe)!

However, I wonder how we will stock WiiWare games, because we will quickly full the poor 512 MB of our Wii... Notably when I see screenshots of FFCC which is more beautiful than many Wii party games (Game Party, Wii Play, Carnival...), its size can't be under 50 MB!


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I'm still amazed no third party has released some kind of external memory for the Wii

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"I wish WiiWare had the same popularity as XboxLive Arcade"

Don't want to sound mean but, WiiWare hasn't even launched yet. How is it supposed to be popular as a service with a two year, and several hundred game, head start?

And just in case you were thinking the Virtual Console is the same as WiiWare, it isn't.

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