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I have a pretty stressful job where I am working with clients and teams from other companies, and factories and investors and all that jazz, where what comes out of my mouth has to be on a strict filter, that takes it's toll, so when im on these forums I lift that filter and say whats on my mind.

At the same time, I spend the day with people constantly putting on fake smiles and making empty compliments and lavishing worthless praise, thats even before we get to the topic of the fanboys that blindly follow the company itself, so when you respond negatively or even get mad / angry towards me, i smile, its a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant day, thank you for your hate, it's much appreciated :)

So get ready for a reaming if you're a fanboy because this threads about to go on topic!

PS fans, you mad right? because titanfall doesnt look good, but its still well over a million in sales and currently xbox one (pc/360) exclusive, im seeing a lot of you flinging hate its way that wouldnt have been there if it was multiplat, i fling hate its way but i fuckin' own the game, i'm allowed to, i have a financial investment in to the software. I was vocal about cancelling my preorder because the news coming out about it then the crappy graphics put me off, but in the end I caved and bought it the night before release to preload on origin, i still dont like it, but at least i tried.

With that said, understand something, it's a new IP, if it released multiplat Microsoft would have had less of a reason to pour money all over it in advertising, maybe it would have sold well anyway but i would be willing to bet that it wouldnt have sold much more, infact probably less overall.

With it being exclusive you'll get high sales from people genuinely interested in it, and people buying because they boarded the hype train, what this does however is setup the next game to be much more likely to do well even if it does, as people suspect, end up multiplatform.

So my suggestion?, Try it, if you still hate it then hate away, otherwise shut up, its not even like you have to get all pissy about it because its available on 360 (next month) and pc too, and if you dont already own a 360 then you're not much of a bloody gamer are you.

XB fans, you mad too, but because you went from last gen of being the better platform of the two (shut it ps fans, tapering off the last couple years and pandering to kinect crap doesnt make the previous library dissapear), you enjoyed half a decade comfortably on top but now those anouying ps fans are rubbing ps4 success in your face at every given opportunity, but you know what? most of you deserve it, back when 360 was king of the hill every damn multiplat had fanboys bragging over the smallest of differences, bragging over long time playstation associated games releasing on 360 and every other thing fanboys brag about, even now, in the current situation, if ANYTHING goes xbox ones way, its argued about, youre both as bad as each other.

Ninty fans, oh ninty fans, what can i say? you have the fun situation of having the best selling handheld and soon to be the worst selling home console,(though techically already IS according to every months sales tallies), WiiU shot out the gates at speed and the long legs ninty fans always speak of did nothing but elevate your horse to heights unseen, making the crash of reality sting that little bit more.

The crappy thing is, some of the WiiU's games are damn good, I'd know, I own most of them, and those damn good games are overlooked by crap games on other systems just because they sell poorly as most of the wii generation are now either 6 feet under or gaming on 3ds and mobile, alas what people dont understand is that "nintendo average" is 20-30m lifetime, anything other than that is irregular, but have fun trying to explain that to other people.

PC fans (yes yes me included!) have the highest horse of all, because we have technology that makes all games, even last gen games and most console games, look and run better than the originals, and that's a big thing but lets be a little nicer to the dirty console peasants, after all console games are still games, if we look down on them for being inferior, we're no better than the idiots that say "mobile and tablet gaming isnt really gaming".

I hate you all (well most of you anyway, smeags, burgerking, vivster, kirby and jmurph excluded, a couple others too, including, believe it or not, you too Jaywood) i just wish the rest of you would stop spending entire days arguing over hardware and play the fucking games, and discuss playing the games, do interesting things, share your findings, explore, you know.. do what these bloody consoles were intended for, which is what i'm about to go an do, so see you later assuming the usual faces don't pile on and report this post like the babies they are to get me banned.

And if i do get banned, then have fun sloshing around in this shithole.


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Awww, you hate me too?

And here I thought my Jizz was strong enough to make everyone like me :( But I do agree at some of the parts

And dw, I will try my best to vote against your ban!!! (Although voting doesn't apparently do anything around here since no one believes in democracy)

Also, I am curious, what is you job anyway if you don't mind me asking?


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So much win in the OP!

Too bad someone will be hurt by it though, even though it's true..

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What about Ouya fans? :P

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wangjingwanjia said:
What about Ouya fans? :P

Not irritating enough (or numerous enough) to be worthy of being brought up.

Yay I got favorably mentioned in a hate speech. That made my day :)
Looks alright though. I expected much worse. Where are all the curse words I like? This isn't even worth banning since you didn't attack anyone directly.

A few words on my own.

I don't hate Titanfall. I just hate everything that makes the competing console less doomed. Which in this case is the fact that it's not exclusive for PS4.

The PC master race is a joke. They're the only ones who deliberately limit themselves to a single device and desperately trying to justify their behavior by not shutting up about the advantages of PCs. You are pathetic in my eyes. Get yourself some consoles so you can play some of the games you will never get. Stop being peasants and join the multi gaming system master race.

I hate Nintendo Fanboys. Not because they're spewing misinformation about technology but because they're so fucking defensive all the time. They're the only people who have absolutely no right and no reason to be defensive. Nintendo pretty much invented videogaming and the best games of all time are exclusive to Nintendo. They shouldn't care crap about what anyone says about their console.
The WiiU has bad sales? Mario, you fuckers!
The WiiU is not as strong as the other consoles? Zelda, you dick lickers!
Nintendo is doomed? Suck on Bayonetta 2!

 Those are responses! You're not in a penis measuring contest. You are the Judge! So stop trying to defend every negative thing that happens to Nintendo. You don't hav to prove anything, MS and Sony have to.

It's easier to attack users, than it is to create deep, robust, and rewarding software.

... I think you need a new job.

Woot, I avoid da hate!

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What is your job?


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