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Anime Japan 2013 had plenty of booths at Tokyo Big Sight advertising the latest anime and hawking related swag, but some companies also took the opportunity to showcase new technology that might be of interest to fans of animation.

Sony's new HMD (head-mounted device) takes those who wear it into the world of anime. It tracks your head movements so it feels as if you're actually inside a cartoon. Turn to your left, and the video you're watching will swing that way too. The example at Sony's booth was for the idol anime The IDOLM@STER and came loaded with two videos. One showed a concert, with the wearer in the perspective of an audience member. The other (seen below) is set in the offices of the talent agency from the anime and lets you watch the cast behind the scenes.


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Suddenly, I want one

Also is that Hibiki sitting on the sofa on the left?


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Well then, time to pre-order.

PS4 is saved in Japan.... MEGATON.

I think I just shit my pants.


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That's nothing compared to the video I posted a few months ago with Oculus Rift. It wasn't up on Youtube for long.

Porn will works like heavens in VR

BTW the Sony prototype looks really sexy... I tried the OR and it is so ugly.

With all due respect to cultural differences, the obsession with underage girls in anime is creepy.

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curl-6 said:
With all due respect to cultural differences, the obsession with underage girls in anime is creepy.


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Oh man, Sword Art Online game isn't too far away now, is it? Hopefully no crazy software designer will try to replicate that...