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Is the Dualshck 4 the greatest controller of all time.

Dualshock 4 446 47.00%
Sega Dreamcast Controller 21 2.21%
NES Controller 18 1.90%
Dualshock 3 27 2.85%
XBox 360 Controller 191 20.13%
N64 Controller 34 3.58%
Sega Genesis 6 Button Controller 4 0.42%
Other 208 21.92%

I've had my hands on many of them. From the Atari 2600, to the Sega Dreamcast, To the NES, along with the Sega Genesis. Up to the Gamecube, even  to the XB360, across to the Jaguar and back down to the N64. But as of November 2013, they all have to bow down to the new king on game controllers. 

The Dualshock 4 is not perfect by any means, the analog knobs still have some ways to go,  but it just does most things so so right. Its a beautiful evolution of what a next generation controller needs to be. 

When you put the side by side with the also recently released XBOne controller, it's quite evident, the Dualshock 4 straight out kicks it's butt. 

Much can be said for the much improved caved L2/R2 triggers, along with the Share button and suprisingly weird Light Bar. But it's the Touch Pad & Internal Speaker that deserves most of the Dualshock 4 spotlight.

The video game controller has always been the main connect that bridged the player to the game, building a sence of connection and a way of immersing the players sences with the game. the DS4 's touch pad & Speaker has now bridged that connection closer in ways that no other controller before it has.

Whe playing Resogun you could hear seperate voices from the controller that is seperated from the in game sound. Killzone Shadowfall used the internal speakers to play voice notes and it works perfectly with the mood of the game. Controlling your Owl with the Touch Pad is also smooth as silk, allowing for not just another button on the controller, but also an easy, very simple swipe funtion to execute.

Other games have used the Touch Pad & Internal Speaker to enhance gameplay, but it's the recent inFAMOUS Second Son that shines the most.

(SPOILER)..... Whether it's using the Touch Pad to drain energy from the enviroment combined with the sound of it coming from the Internal Speaker making it sound like your hands are actually absorbing the energy, or swiping on the Touch Pad to open doors, or even using the Touch Pad to hold up energy conduits while you smash them with the R2 button. Even small things like hearing his cell phone ring. Combining them all into the game experience  just so refreshing.

Is it the perfect controller, NO, but with the combined features that it brings to the table, as it stands as of today, the Dualshock 4 is hands down the Greatest Controller ever made. 

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I feel the Xbox One controller is the best, but I respect your opinion. Sony did wonders with the DS4; love the improved analog sticks and triggers. It will definitely rank high once I use it more.

Yes. Built in speakers are new and exciting...

Chose "other"

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Impressive in all departments in fact.

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Eh. I am just happy that it's better than the Jaguar controller!

EDIT: My favorite controller would have to be a tie between the 360 controller and the SNES controller!

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Well... i havent tested the D-pad with a proper fighting game to be able to tell how that is, but i do miss the select button. Pressing on the touchpad is very awkward. I despise the light marker (its completely useless and drains battery) and the speaker (why would i want sound x2? Maybe if its used in a different matter in the future). The rest is fine.

So, for now... the best of the best for me are still the Dual Shock 2 and The megadrive 6 button pad (though its missing analogs for modern play).

Xbox 360 controller, hands down for me.

Praise the One.

How people can like the touch pad function on this controller is beyond me. The touch controls were the worst part of killzone and infamous (the two games i own for the ps4). I do love the speaker, but I would be very happy to see the touchpad go away. As such, I cant agree that the ds4 is the best. It is an improvement over the ds3, but I think the 360 controller is still better (i havent tried the x1 controller).

edit: actually, when i think about it, it is pretty obvious what controller is the best.  The wii u gamepad!  /thread!

JWeinCom said:
Yes. Built in speakers are new and exciting...

For Sony? Or overall? Because the WiiMotes had and havr built in speakers so not very new for controllers.

It is REALLY good, like, i had to buy a Phenom dreamgear to play PS3 because the dualshock 3 is not that good.
I was afraid I would not like the Dualshock 4 because I enjoy the Xbox controler so much, but man, IT IS AWESOME.

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