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A 19-year-old man from St. George, Utah, faces felony domestic abuse criminal mischief charges after allegedly beating the living hell out a custom Harley-Davidson after his stepfather turned the Xbox off. P

According to a report filed by St. George Police Officer David McDaniel, Alec Young's stepfather arrived at his home earlier this week to find the young man playing on his Xbox. The stepfather asked Young to turn off the console and stepped outside to get the mail. Upon returning and discovering Young had not complied with his request, the stepfather turned off the Xbox himself. P

That is never a good idea. P

According to McDaniel's report, the teen responded by flying into a fit of rage, screaming and throwing television remotes at his stepfather (both of which broke). When his stepfather retreated to a neighbor's house to call the police, Alec Young ran outside with a knife and began attacking the man's 2009 Custom Harley Davidson FLF. P

"He punched and hit the bike repeatedly," McDaniel wrote. "(He) then knocked it down and continued to to strike the motorcycle until he broke the knife blade off the handle."P

That poor bike. It gets worse. P

Young then allegedly entered his 2000 Nissan Maxima, reversed out of the driveway, and then floored it, driving the motorcycle through the garage and into the opposite wall. 

"The motorcycle sustained damage everywhere," McDaniel said in the report. "The front forks, fender, frame, and gas tank were all bent."P

I am almost in tears, and I admittedly have no idea what a Harley-Davidson FLF is. P

Young fled to a friend's house following the incident, where the police caught up to him. After having been read his rights, Young said he'd been "acting out" when he threw the remotes, and the ensuing rage claimed the life of the motorcycle. He told officers he had missed the previous two doses of the anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds he was supposed to be taking. The damage he caused is estimated at more than $25,000. P

Young was charged with two class-B misdemeanors for domestic violence simple assault and leaving the scene of an accident, along with a second-degree felony for domestic violence criminal mischief. P

Man ruins stepfather’s motorcycle ‘in rage’ after getting Xbox shut off [St. George News]

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Piece of shit son. Hopefully he can spend a few weeks in prison.

When will parents learn not to turn of consoles.

The ability to copy and paste text from Stack Exchange is not a license to be a dick.

Seems like a reasonable response

Gaming is serious business, yo.

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Pfft, Im sure if my parents were stupid enough to turn off my consoles it would end a lot worse

If only he could have said "xbox off" instead of pressing the button, then all of this would have been avoided....

Wow. Talk about an ass hole response. What a dipshit.

No way he should have acted like that. All he did was ignore a request. No reason to turn the console off!

areason said:
If only he could have said "xbox off" instead of pressing the button, then all of this would have been avoided....


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Now that's what I call a rage quit, lol