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AfricanSanta said:
Both Zelda U and Hyrule Warriors in 2014 is doubtful, but I'm guessing the Zelda U date is wrong, they just made 2014 the place holder since they have nothing to go on.

Ok I'm still not understanding why people say this. Here are some facts:

1. Zelda U has been in development since 2010 roughly.
2. Hyrule Warriors is NOT being developed by Nintendo or, more specifically, Nintendo's internal Zelda team. This means that this takes no time, resources, or talent away from the development of Zelda U.
3. The Wii U is having one of the worst couple launch years ever and they need everything they can to boost it up this year.


Opinion: Have Hyrule Warriors and Zelda U this year, as well as Smash, Mario Kart, and all the other announced games is GOING to happen I think. I don't get why people assume that just because some other company is making a Zelda game that Nintendo just will be sitting by and waiting to release their game until a long time after the prior Zelda game comes out.

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zarx said:
superchunk said:
Most interesting thing there to me is the watch_dog bundles. Maybe there will be a big push for it or its just common placeholder due to other systems. Other than that, nothing unexpected.

What do you mean bundles? They are the special editions they announced ages ago pre delay

I was referring to those special editions, not wiiu + game bundles. Sorry, it was definitely not clear.

Considering the date on the list is 3/20/14 and it has been known for months that Sniper Elite and Young Justice will not be coming - I don t see how this is a real list-

Zelda and Fire Emblem. Hope it'll be true.