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There is a lot of placeholder, a somewhat commom thing on this kind of list, so this not confirm a AC game nor COD game for wiiu in anyways. Plus, young justice and sniper elite 3 was already canned/desconfirmed for the machine, so there is that too. But, lets pretend that retalier was lazy and don't take out of the list.

The prices seems to hint that the region could be canada or australia, i'm not sure.

Something are kind of worrysome, like a art academy, chase mii, wii u play games listed. Art academy has a place holder in the price, so maybe its just a eshop game that will be sold with a code(like with another eshop titles), but the others no so much.

Other titles are more intriguig, like f1. The support of code master has been very timid, but they really walked the 2nd mile by releasing F1 race stars all around the world, japan included, even 2 year after initial release. But since was eshop only in some regions, maybe its another eshop code.

What "measure up" can be? A tie-in? Or just a shovelware? The price is high even for shovelware standarts.

The sims... well, at same time would be a good fit for the "demographic look", but is a game that has so many dlc, that i really doubt that EA would make another shot with a game like that.

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I call Fake! EA doesn't make wiiU games anymore, even old ones


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Damn! The Wii is getting more games in 2014 than I expected! I thought that system  was completely dead in the water!

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The abundance of unannounced games in this list is interesting. However the placeholder dates make this seem very, very speculative.

The Watch Dogs ship date is clearly wrong.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

This doesn't seem like a list some dude just printed off his computer. No, not at all!

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thread title is wrong. the list clearly labels the releases for "wii" not "wii U".

X is at the correct price already =P Thats genuinely what they will charge you for it

ktay95 said:
X is at the correct price already =P Thats genuinely what they will charge you for it

Hope we get a discount at eshop.




Zelda :D

Sniper Elite v3 WON´T COME TO WII U . It´s confirmed

and Young Justice was canceled