What is your fave CAPCOM game?

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What series you prefer?

Mega Man series 32 20.78%
Resident Evil Series 45 29.22%
... VS Capcom Series 5 3.25%
Street Fighter Series 18 11.69%
Monster Hunter Series 22 14.29%
Others 31 20.13%

Heh, I knew before clicking on it that Demon's Crest, Battle Circuit, Alien vs. Predator, Shadow Over Mystara or pretty much any of their CPS1-2 games would be ignored.

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Overall........ i have to go with Resident Evil, and here's why.........

Resident Evil 2....... 10/10.
Resident Evil 4....... 10/10.
REmake...... 10/10.
REvelations...... 9.5/10.
Resident Evil 3...... 9.5/10.
Resident Evil 5........ 9.0/10.
Resident Evil Deadly Silence...... 9.0/10.
Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D...... 9.0/10.
Resident Evil Survivor.......... (yes, i liked the gun game, so shoot me..... 8.8/10)
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles....... 8.7/10.
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles...... 8.0/10.
Resident Evil Code Veronica........ 8.0/10.
Resident Evil Gaiden.......... 8.0/10.
Resident Evil Zero...... 8.0/10.

as for the rest.......... never really liked the outbreak games all that much, and the less said about both RE6 & ORC the better.

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Star Gladiator - Best 3D fighter in the 90s from them in my view and as I generally don't play their games, kinda my favourite I guess.

Dragon's Dogma was fun, if you ignore the story.

Hmm, pie.

Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Not going to vote on series.. kind of fell out of love with their games during 6th gen.

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Devil May Cry. I am just such a whore for spectacle hack and slash that actually requires skill and the Original Dante's (not the new emo pussified version) Manly Manness just made the games ever so much more Manly (except DMC 2)


Anyway, very hard to say, I'm a massive Street Fighter and Resident Evil fan, but hard to compare the two.


SF. Can't decide if I like Street Fighter Alpha 3 or SFIV more, though.

RE:MAKE for GC (one of the best remakes ever) and MH3 for Wii are the 2 games I love the most. Also in the SNES ara they had a pretty good JRPG series, what was it called in again? Oh yea, the early Breath of Fire games were 1st rate too. Worth a play through.

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Resident Evil Series : RE1 remake on GC was fantastic :)

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Mega Man X is my favorite Capcom game.

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