What is your fave CAPCOM game?

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What series you prefer?

Mega Man series 32 20.78%
Resident Evil Series 45 29.22%
... VS Capcom Series 5 3.25%
Street Fighter Series 18 11.69%
Monster Hunter Series 22 14.29%
Others 31 20.13%

like nintendc, capcim gave me so many fond memories.

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To be honest, I'm pretty divided between Dragon's Dogma, Dead Rising and Phoenix Wright. Those three are masterpieces to me, and a testament of how Capcom can still produce gems despite not being the company they used to.


If I have to pick one, I'm guessing the Ace Attorney saga then.

I think I have to say DuckTales, followed closely by MegaMan 2. I've never understood the hype surrounding RE4

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Okami and Ducktales.



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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

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Resident Evil 2

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Mega Man 2, followed by Street Fighter 2, Mega Man V on GB, Mighty Final Fight, Darkstalkers, regular Final Fight, Demon's Crest (Gargoyle's Quest 3), Breath of Fire 1, and probably Duck Tales.

Notice how all of those are back from when they were still a consistently amazing developer.

Resident Evil 4 ( GameCube)- I love everything about that game minus the annoying QTEs. Apparently Capcom loved them so much that they made them a major gameplay element in the shitfest that is RE6.

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Very first Resident Evil, then Street Fighter II as 1a and 1b