Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who has officially preordered infamous second son?


Of Course! 74 46.25%
It goes without saying! 15 9.38%
Well hell ya! 16 10.00%
Yes!!! 7 4.38%
Not yet, but I plan to buy it. 23 14.38%
No way! 14 8.75%
hmmmm 5 3.13%
Undecided 6 3.75%

So, who has? I preordered this game last friday. What about you? I can't wait!

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That first gif is crazy.

I think it's easier to ask who has not.



Wagram said:
That first gif is crazy.

lol ya, saw this gif and really wanted to post it. So, this thread was born xD

I have!

Pre-ordered it two months ago. I'm dying to play it!

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What were the preorder bonuses? I never preorder unless theres a worthwhile reason...

I haven't but I'm buying it at launch anyways :P

The game looks incredible!


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I'm more interested in the reviews though. I know that the game is awesome but will the reviewers finally manage to accept this fact?