Forums - Sony Discussion - Could Sony“s VR Headset be more expensive than the PS4 ? Would/Have to Sony do that ?


$100 6 7.14%
$200 19 22.62%
$300 32 38.10%
$400 10 11.90%
$500 4 4.76%
$600 3 3.57%
$1025984129851125637354214 10 11.90%

With $399 the PS4 has a pretty good price, but I wonder how much the VR Headset will cost. 

Let´s compare : 

High End PC : $1300 ? 

Oculus Rift : ~ $299 - $350 


...then I can not imagine that Sony´s Headset will be : 


PS4 : $350 (after price cut in 3 years ? )

Morpheus : $299 


I think Sony will suprise us again. 

Prediction : $199 - 250 

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Price is right...$299

All depends on how much it costs to make.

If its too expensive, It will be 100% flop (Cause Oculus) but if its cheap enough without going into non-profit territory, then it will be great... They really have to do this right or else it will fail


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Anything more than $250/£150 will be too much (i'd consider that the limit). While that's still an awful lot of money for a peripheral, i doubt VR has much of a chance at quick success with the casual/general market anyway. It does, however, have a lot of potential with the core market, who tend to be willing to fork out a considerable amount more money on this kind of stuff (such as spending $400/$500 on a console that's only just come out).

Offer those such people an exiting new way to experience a game for that kind of price and a lot of them will happily jump on the offer. This is all unassuming the product itself merits the cost of course (AKA ain't shit).

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They managed to release a competetively priced console so I'm hoping for the best. Not that I would care for the price but 200 sounds good.

Project GATSOOMGPCAPISE is finished. 2k well spent.

It won't cost more than the ps4 for sure, $299 seems realistic, both attractive(especially with the best VR game incl.) and profitable.

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Can one watch porn through it. That should effect the price people are willing to pay. I say it will flop unless it is < $150 though it seems cool.

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the tech is cheap, its essentially just a 1080P screen (they have lots from making tablets and phones), strapped to a bunch of sensors in a pretty frame with some plastic lenses, everything else is in software.
I'd imagine they could set it to market around the $149.99/$199.99 range and still be making profit.

Remember, the oculus devkit is only the price it is to cover the development costs and have enough left over that the company can continue, their prospective retail product is intended to be cheaper.

They do not have the market presence to buy components in bulk enough that the components would drop in price, where as Sony does.

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I'd be shocked if it's as cheap as people expect(like above), but I'd also be shocked if it's not competitive priced.

Way too soon to know though. This isn't releasing anytime soon.