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I've finally started playing through Super Metroid for the first time, and holy shit is this game atmospheric. The only Metroid game I've played before that was Prime. Excellent game, but this one feels SO different. I always understood that feeling of desolation and isolation that people always talked about, but Super Metroid adds something else I never expected: dread. Pure dread. It's all grim and horrific and I feel like I'm in a horror movie.

It's really outstanding, but it got me thinking. This feels so similar to how I felt when playing the original Bioshock. It's insane! Even System Shock, which I've never played but I watched a playthrough for, feels similar. It's not just isolation. It's like sickening hopelessness. Seeing those corpses in the begining and the music remind me of all the shock gore scenes in Bioshock. It's quiet and not in your face. You almost want to look away, even though you know it's all just 16bit imagery. Crazy stuff.

I now completely get why people hated Other M so much. Nothing in that game feels like this. It's not just about Samus turning into a deflated balloon. It's about atmosphere and subtlty. I seriously can't wait to finish this and I can't wait to play Fusion on the VC! SA-X looks awesome!

Any of you notice any similarities between the Metroid series and Bioshock/System Shock?

Well, this is new.


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I've always felt that Metroid Prime shares a lot in common with System Shock 2. Like the whole audio log/text scan concept, for example.

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They also both have twists:  Would you kindly?/Atlas' true identity in Bioshock and the baby Metroid grown up saving you from Mother Brain in Super Metroid.

They're both superb too, so they have that in common as well.

Both brilliant games, that's for true.

Mechanically the games are very different, but in terms of atmosphere, I can see the similarities. Both are alien, claustrophobic, uninviting.

This would be a great modding opportunity.

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Its a litle bit hard to make this comparassion because:
But yet i finished the first bioshock, but never really get into super metroid enough to end it. But i really don't see the correlation. The world is dark, ok, but metroid was more about exploration for me, discover new paths and new powers. Bioshock was more about move foward and survive a city that has collapsed.

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The only comparison I noticed was that both Bioshock and the Metroid Prime games are among the most atmospheric and immersive games I've ever played.

They drew me into a living, breathing world that felt isolated and lonely.

They are both spectacular and atmospheric games. I would love to see a new 2D Metroid come out.. Nintendo, are you listening to me?! I want a new 2D Metroid dammit!

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