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Are you getting Titanfall now?

Yes 100 19.65%
No 122 23.97%
I'm getting inFAMOUS: Second Son 285 55.99%

Don't Titanfall for the 10/10 hype. Don't believe it!

A very well thought out, and constructive review from Angry. I really think this one nails it because he goes in depth into what the game is doing right and what it is lacking unlike the other reviewers that just give the flaws of the game a blind eye, and a pass. (edit)

What do you think, is Titandoomed? Not even Angry can put his seal of approval on this one.


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What's so bad about a 7/10 ? If anything that tells me that titanfall is a good game.

I'll find a way to deconstruct everybody's psychology ...

So Titanfall is a good game. but didn't turn out to be the game of the: week, month, quarter, year and generation. OK

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What's everyone's obsession with Angry Joe? 

Anyway, 7 is a good score so I don't see anything wrong here.

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I thought this was a viewtiful joe review for some reason.

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7/10 is alright, it would not be so bad if people in here were not calling it the second coming of jesus christ or titanfall will help x1 catch up to ps4 by selling 3 million x1s. The game is great and fun, but it has its limitations which certainly affect people's view of it.

idk, i would say prob 8.5


osed125 said:

What's everyone's obsession with Angry Joe? 

Anyway, 7 is a good score so I don't see anything wrong here.

He's a genuinely great, entertaining, in-depth reviewer who both knows how to present everything in an interesting way, and obviously enjoys his work. IMO he's the best reviewer on YT.

I don't care for Titanfall much, so I didn't watch, though. I just entered the thread to see people's responses @ score :D

So It's as good as my score of Sonic Lost World? It's good enough to pick up then. I'll watch the review later though. I don't have 32 minutes right now.

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In Angry Joe's scale 7/10 is very good. 5 is actually average and everything below it is bad.