VGChartz main page taking forever to load?

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Its our revenge from kicking off topic from that page..


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Thought it was just me.

painfully slow. I wish we would get announcements when things like this happen

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Same here approx 3 minutes .

Wright said:

I am the only one who the main page takes like, forever, to load? Everything else, wall, profiles, hot topics, threads seems to work fine.



Same lol, thought i was the only one, was just about to commit suicide before i saw this thread, thanks Wright.

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You're never the only one.

It started yesterday, and i'm blaming it on that lego ad. Don't know why it's still broken now that the ad is gone. But that's when it started. And it wont load on my phone. I have to do a google search to pull up the hot topics if i close out the VGC window i have up.

I have the same problem, too. I thought maybe their page was down. It started Saturday. Maybe they will fix the issue Monday.

I blame this guy.

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been happening to me for 24 hours now, YAY -_-
I hope this dosent keep up too long