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I'm going to learn German and Polish by doing my videogame reading exclusively in these languages. Hence, I don't need this account anymore. Consider this a request for a permaban.


(here there once was a vagina in anatomical detail. No longer)


Not sure if that's enough for a permaban.

- Might I also add that I don't believe people are created equally? As in; Men and Woman aren't equal. Blacks and Whites aren't equal. Tall people and short people aren't equal. Apparantly this is some sort of offense in the US, so there you go.

Ok how about some racism.

- It upsets me that the weakest of gene pools are freeriding on the advancements made other social/ethnic/geographic groups. Life expectancy in Africa has skyrocketed, but they still get 15 children a piece in some places (I'm looking squarely at you ZUMA - you stupid asshole who can't even READ PROPERLY or USE BIG WORDS FUCKING RETARD) despite them having no right to overpopulate a socio-economic structure that they didn't build themselves and sure as hell can't sustain.

- What upsets me even more about the above is that even though it is an entirely factual statement, people will say: "Oh, a white racist in South Africa - how typical". But you people have zero idea what you are talking about. You don't have to deal with a rich black government that steals money from the people to live in mansions and fly in private jets and drive in the most expensive cars in the world even though they couldn't even pass high school. And the majority of black people are dying in the streets! And burning each other alive with tyres! And the crime skyrockets and the infrastructures get ZERO development and they stupid black masses keep on voting for these fucking criminals.

That should do it no?

- Perhaps I should add that I think eugenics is a good idea if applied properly.

k kewl.

ps. xbone sucks balls.

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Co to kurwa jest? - Treat that as your first lesson

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

And nothing of importance was lost.

No offence meant to those who have them, but vaginas really are quite disgusting.

Carl2291 said:
And nothing of importance was lost.


*cue epic music*

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If that's in game, Uncharted 4 just one-upped Metro: Last Light.

fucking epic!

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Callum_Alexander said:
No offence meant to those who have them, but vaginas really are quite disgusting.

rest assured that no-one on this website has one.

And most have never gotten near one.

And most that think like you find the anus to be quite a source of pleasure even though it is (at least) equally disgusting.


Eh, i did advise a couple of people to post porn if they wanted perma'd so... mission accomplished?

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