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Most underrated?

FF II 2 1.34%
FF III 5 3.36%
FF IV 5 3.36%
FF V 12 8.05%
FF VIII 29 19.46%
FF IX 40 26.85%
FF XII 31 20.81%
FF XIII 25 16.78%

FFXII was my choice, I think FFIX is a close second.

FFXII had a great combat system and a really good cast of characters for the most part. The game has a few minor flaws but was really fun to play over all. It always burned me up that people swear it is too easy as you just set gambits and the game plays itself. I WISH these people would try this past the 1/4th mark in the game and tell me that works. Throughout the game you have to micro manage your characters on top of their gambits to be effective. Gambits purposefully take longer to react to certain situations, requiring you take the helm yourself in order to execute the best strategy. It is also one of the few games in the series that never has elemental magic become irrelevant. In most FF games you use spells for a time, then you can just strong arm the rest of the game. Not so much in XII. It was also the only one for me where I ever felt spells like reflect/blind/immobilize were a constant part of the strategy.




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I think they are all pretty well rated in general, main line series pretty much all deserve their scores.

I think FF8 is hugely underrated. For me it is one of the best games ever.

FF IX. It is the absolute best the franchise ever produced, but it's constantly snubbed in every top 10, 25, 50 whatever list I've ever seen on gaming sites.

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For me I would say FFIX compared to the giants like FFIV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFX.

But personally I would say FFXII.


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Final Fantasy XIII, fuck the haters! :P

FFXV won't be underrated, it will be the 3rd cmoing of gaming messaiah

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XIII without a doubt. Deserves 90+ meta

I don't consider IX underrated. It got praised by both fans & critics, and it's a constant favorite when asked about the best FF game. This thread is a good example.

My vote goes to XII. It got a lot of criticism from fans because it was different, but it's actually one of the best in the series. Solid writing, good characters/story, great customization and it offers a huge amount of optional content. Pacing & grinding were its flaws. V is probably my second choice; it has the best job system in the series.