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Well you buy a MP game only in the future?

No 287 66.90%
Yes 139 32.40%

I like the game and online mode is great but the lack of Campaign mode is bothering more then I thought. I hope this is not a sign of things to come and in the future I will not buy a game without a campaign mode. The game is great but I don't think it was worth 60 with out the campaign. I'm just being honest. I find my self wanting to try new things in the game and I can't. I like single player and now I think it is a must have in every game I buy from now on. However I do not regret buying the game, will maybe a little, However I will not buy the next edition unless it has a campaign.

Lets be honest people, this is not good for the consumer if this game does really well. Soon many games will start cheaping out and that will ruin many games and experiences. So this will be my last buy without a campaign.

I understand some don't care but I do and we must not let this be but a one time thing. If any other game does this, punish them and don't buy it.  There is not enough to do for 60 bucks and the campaign makes the game more personal. Yes they have a narrated campaign mode but this did nothing but piss me off to be honest. I felt like they sat back and said, lets see how much we can cheap out on this game. Great multi-player. However should have been $30, Not $60. Half the game, half the cost.

I understand I will piss off my fellow Xbox fans but this is really how I feel. I feel violated, Like I have been taking advantage of. So this will be the last time I ever buy into something like this.

What are your thoughts? I'm sure many don't care.

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I agree it should be like a $40 game, but for what it's worth I did enjoy the campain.

Is this a sign of what used games have done to the industry? Software companies are so scared of losses that they are cutting hours of play and modes? I'm going to bed. I'm tired and a little disappointed.

I kind of agree with you. No campaign is a big miss. however, I think the lack of a co op mode like horde mode is a bigger miss.

Still, if the multiplayer is compelling then that is what really matters. Games like this typically don't do very well. Sony has tested it out quite a bit this last gen to little success. I think titanfall will ultimately be limited in its appeal because of that. It may sell a lot, but I think it could would sell a lot more with a good single player campaign.

I'm sure the next edition will have a single player campaign because the franchise will be established and the developer will have more resources to work with.


Is this a sign of what used games have done to the industry? Software companies are so scared of losses that they are cutting hours of play and modes? I'm going to bed. I'm tired and a little disappointed.

no, thats what starting from scratch as a new developer does to the game...

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I think it's a sign of a strong IP that you're disappointed in the lack of a SP campaign. It means you can see great potential for complex stories, deep characters and intricate missions within the world Respawn has built. And perhaps the campaign in TF, such that it is, just accentuates the feeling that a great SP campaign could have been created around this world.

Perhaps Respawn will look to create a SP campaign for TF2.

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I've always thought that a single-player campaign draws in the player more and makes them feel a part of the universe.

Still, I could have understood it if there was a TON more multi-player content, more than you get from a game with both components, but from what I understand, there isn't. I think you're right and we're looking at a developer (or publisher) who wanted to improve their profits by a significant amount without passing any of that on to the consumer.

Don't really care. Military shooters pretty much never have an interesting story, so I usually only buy for the multiplayer. Of course I'd prefer that the game be cheaper but I think an excellent multiplayer can be worth $60 on its own. I buy games for the quality and depth of the content, not the number of modes.

I just don't understand how EA marketed Singleplayer so bad for BF3, wich the hardcore BF community on PC doesn't want. And after 2/3 years they release a MP only game.
I thing it is a good thing on a fps game to be only focused on MP. Maybe offline bots for you to play with while you out of internet would be nice.
Maybe $60 is a little overkill too ~

I agree, its the number one thing that turned me off from the game.