Forums - Gaming Discussion - These resolution wars... any real gamer they are totally cringeworthy.

It is absolutely ridiculous that developers today have to justify what freakin resolution they run their games at. I guess all these so called "elite hardcore gamers" are oblivious to the fact that most "HD" games last generation rendered at sub 600p resolutions.

Most people wouldn't even recknogize the resolution a game renders at. Resolution only accounts for a small part of how well a game looks. What's worse, is that you hardly see any threads about what makes a game really great. It's never about game design or which emotions a game evokes.

The gaming world is filled with idiots.

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even there the consoles are behind...

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The thing with the resolution war is that the X1 costs $100 more than the ps4 but its under-performing in the same games, so the resolution and frame rates are important cause people that buy the X1 are paying $100 more and it is not being justified... Other than that, yea its pretty useless overall


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Should've tagged Rez HD :O But yeah I agree

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I agree and for the most part aprove of this thread.  

Some of my favorite games were run at SD resolution or probably even below that.  Didn't take away the enjoyment I suffered from those games at all.  900p or 720p isn't going to make the game worse or broken.  1080p is going to make the game either.  

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I played a 160 144 game earlier. It was good.

It's a well known fact that resolution warriors are highly trained Digital Foundry employees.

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I agree, it only seems to matter to people that had no interest in the xbox to begin with.

its not that a resolution can ruin a game, its that when you have 2 games that are identical except for resolution, there is a visual difference. To some this matters, to others it does not. And some pretend like it doesnt matter and get super defensive about it.

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Then buy a Wii U. You'll get 1080p and 500% of gameplay/game design/emotions.