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FlamingWeazel said:
MAN, user reviews need to get taken off meta they are a joke. MS buying timed third party exclusives is bound to cause lots of hate on metacritic.

I think most people have the sense to ignore the 10's and the 0's and read the scores from somewhere in between. The problem is the 0's actually begin to invalidate the lower scores that may actually be serious reviews, the same goes for the 10's that are lavished by the other fans.

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 New ElTorro gif... I love this guy.

There is another but I will post in my wall because the mods here are oversenssitives.


-Mr Khan

87 is VERY Good indeed! I am excited for the people who will get to play this game int eh coming week! I hope to hear some good honest reviews about the game and how it runs/plays compared to the beta. I never made a prediction on the site but I did see it sitting somewhere between an 83-86 so I guess I was close!

And I will never understand why so many generalizations are made on this site. I have not had my account for that long but I have followed the site since 2007. And it is VERY clear who does what...yet silly phrases like NIN fans, MS fans and Sony fans are constantly being used. You ALL know VERY well who you are referring to and if you have a issue with them and the things they say then quote them and point it out or PM them! No point in derailing a thread(ironically enough as I am doing now lol) to argue just because!

Back OT: Looking forward to more info, additions and improvements to TF which is already a VERY fun and addicting game!

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I must admit these scores are higher than I thought they would be.

Max King of the Wild said:
ironmanDX said:

If people take the GOTG thing seriously... It isn't his fault people are dense. Look at the sig, it's clearly a joke. He quotes himself 3 times in it.  The gen is only a few months in...  


Edit: Just as I post this cura puts in a GOTG post... Not intended to be aimed at you, just poor timing.

so what youre saying is that J_Allard was flaimbaiting and trolling and he should have been moderated as such, which, he wasnt since he made three threads with the same nonsensical claim in the title

How is an MS fan joking (again, quite obviously) about an MS game being GOTG trolling? I'm not offended. Saying The last of Us is absolutely shit and deserved none of the GOTY awards is trolling even though it's quite the opposite. You shouldn't blame him for others stupidity. Joke threads are made all the time also, we don't ban them. Guess the Mario is the best titan thread deserves a ban? No, of course not. It's equally as obvious as a joke... Hopefully. 

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Iron man, because he didnt joketo make people laugh. he did it to get a rise out of people. Which, is the very definition of trolling. Also, the way he egged people on who pointed it out made his intentions clear.

Now lets get passed old news of the mods dropping the ball and talk about Titanfall. It dropped to 86. Surprising to me

Dropped to 86... I think it will end 85.

8.9/10 IGN

"The Verdict

Titanfall represents a potent fusion of established and modern design ideas, creating a tense and rewarding balance of power and moment-to-moment unpredictability. MOBA-like minions mix with traditional on-foot deathmatch, jetpack-powered locomotion, and giant-robot combat – each role playing its own part in the battle and coming with its own tactics and strategies – while the well-designed maps make the ideal weapons and loadout completely situational and dynamic. Though Titanfall is somewhat regrettably a barebones game in terms of modes and customization features available at launch, its intense action is almost as exciting to watch a friend play as it is to pick up the controller yourself. It’s surprisingly lacking many accoutrements we’ve come to expect in a multiplayer shooter, but it nevertheless unites its elements in a cohesive, approachable way. Titanfall earns a seat at the table with the genre’s entrenched powerhouses."

Meta added GameRevolution's review... that means even my 85 prediction can be off dropping the final meta score to 84 or less.



"Titanfall goes one step beyond Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer by adding in a secondary layer to combat, one that forces players to constantly change their tactics and remain situationally aware. If you can turn your brain off and enjoy the carnage with like-minded friends, you might have the best experience of 2014 in your hands today. If you want something more from your video games or if you want to be transported to another dimension to learn the true role of an intergalactic soldier, you should probably hit the books. If Titanfall is representative of man’s aspirations, we’re going no where fast."

It's great to see that even in the not so great reviews, they can't help but say in some form of other that the game is fun.

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