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what was more influential?

Mario 64
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Tittle says it all, what was more influential to the gaming industry and what was a bigger "game changer"? The Legendary Super Mario 64 or the beast that is Grand Theft Auto 3? 

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For being a pioneer of so many 3D mechanics, SM64.

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Super Mario 64 wins this, though there is no doubting the impact of GTA3.

Is this really a battle? Super Mario 64 pretty much gave birth to 3D platformers as we know them.

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Technically? Mario 64
Culturally? Grand Theft Auto 3

Mario 64, despite being my least favorite Mario main line game basically showed the industry "here is how moving 360 degrees in a three dimensional space as well as manage the camera.

GTA3 to me when the less stereotypical gamers dominated the industry zeitgeist and we moved towards what is now the Call of Duty culture of massive 8 digit sales expectations.

Wow thats pretty damn hard :-/ Both made huge impacts, but i think SM64 edges it out, but barely.

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SM64 just cause of that:


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AZWification said:

Is this really a battle? Super Mario 64 pretty much gave birth to 3D platformers as we know them.

and GTA3 pretty much gave birth to open world games as we know it  

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Considering platformer games are dying out and there are more and more open world games, GTA 3 has had the biggest influence.