My Prediction: in 2K16 a lot of people are going to sell their Xbox ONEs & PS4s to buy a Wii U.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - My Prediction: in 2K16 a lot of people are going to sell their Xbox ONEs & PS4s to buy a Wii U.

Or around the year 2016, for reasons...................below (LOL):

The Xbox ONE is in last place and will clearly will never surpass the Wii U att his rate.

If the PS4 vs. Wii U situation ends up like the PS Vita vs. 3DS, when it comes to Software, then with today's media & social media, it can easily end up with the same results, where there willbe people who will buy the Wii U who would never had done such a thing before, and there will be other people to sell in their current system (FOUR or ONE) to buy a Wii U.

The Wii U does get the definitive version of multiplatform games (at least in features and gameplay & levels & story) and the Wii U does have Backwards Capability for people who avoided buying a Wii like I did, and the Wii U has way more interactive controls and the Wii U has been getting some nice exclusives in a big volume for a 8th Gen Home Console, like X (XenoWhatever) & Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei & Bayonetta 2 & Mario Kart 8 & The Wonderful 101 & ZombiU & so fort (for an 8th Gen Home Console, that's impressive). Plus the Wii U has True Panarama View entertainment to purchase whenever and does a more better job utilizing such Apps as Netflix & so fort, then anything I have seen thanks to that GamePad controller so you can stream lets say Hulu Plus with the TV only showing the movie, while the player and all, is displayed all on the GamePad as not to be in the way of the view of the movie on the TV, plus off screen play for people who have to share the living room TV to get a lot more gaming done.

Nintendo releases their Home Consoles 6 years apart anyway, and they never discontinued the GameCube.



I'm talkin' bout people selling their system to buy a cheaper system.


@theprof00 & celador

It happen with the 3DS & Vita because of the first several years & beyond software situation. so i figure the same could happen in the Home Console market, if the situation for games ends up the same way, like it did with the Handheld market.

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OK. See you in two years.

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And the Ouya will become a relevant console in 2016.

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And you're basing your prediction on?

Counterprediction: In 2016 we're already going to know about the Wii Us successor, the Wii U itself is going to sell as bad if not worse than it is at the moment. The PS4 is going to do very well and the X1 is going to do decent too.

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Because of the 3rd parties that will shift development to the Wii U while PS4/X1 will become barren wastelands. We can already see the shift in Batman Arkham Blackgate, and a lot of indies feel the same. Wii U is the future. Honestly I would already trade in my PS4 while it still has any value, but I waiting to 2"K"16 to support this prediction.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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If you say so!

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I also thought about this, that after the hype around the xbox one and ps4 the wii u might get a bit stronger, not as strong as the wii but maybe on N64 levels... But i dont think so. Maybe Bayonetta 2 / MK8 / Smash bros. and Zelda U are convincing some people to buy the console.

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I'm sorry, but where exactly is your reasoning? Normally people add their reasonung when posting out there predictions.

I don't see it happening. Sure the system will likely sell better with Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash etc. but not enough to overtake the PS4 long term, let alone have people trade in their higher priced systems which will have loads of games coming itself for it. And even if they did, we'd never be able to know anyway as we don't track trade ins.


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why would they sell consoles to buy one that will likely be 200$?