whats the worst home console ever?(in your opinion)

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gc 46 6.91%
wiiU 106 15.92%
ps360 18 2.70%
xbone 142 21.32%
ps4 28 4.20%
nes/snes 2 0.30%
n64 25 3.75%
ps2/xbox 15 2.25%
ps1 18 2.70%
other 265 39.79%

The worst console I ever tried was the Virtual Boy. It was marketed as a portable system, but that piece of crap is as portable as my damn sofa ( it's not).

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Worst console ive owned would have to be the Gameboy Advance SP.

Best console would have to be the PS2 Slim.

Gamecube. It had a lot of good games, but it was the worst i owned. Doesnt mean it was a bad console though.
I just havent had a lot of consoles yet.

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1. Atari Jaguar
2. Sega Saturn
3. Xbox 360 "Core"

From the consoles I have owned (SNES, N64, GC, Wii, WiiU, PSone, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox & Xbox 360) not including handhelds.

I would probably say that the Wii was the worst (Not that I think it's a bad console, It has some of my favourite games on it like Galaxy 1+2 and Skyward Sword) but it definitely was not up to par against it's competition.. It has some great exclusives but they are too few and far between especially in the later years of the console, Which is made all the more notice-able by the severe lack of third party support.

I'm not considering WiiU/PS4 because they are still new and I would only compare them against other consoles when they finish there life cycle for the generation.

Obviously if you are talking WORST console ever then none of the consoles I have owned even come close to that title, There are far worse consoles out there like Virtual Boy, Atari Jaguar and more.

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TheShape31 said:
1. Atari Jaguar
2. Sega Saturn
3. Xbox 360 "Core"

Whaaaa? What did the Saturn do to you? It had great games.

Oh... i see that this thread got socially changed into: The worst consoles you have ever owned. xD

Atari Jaguar. Worst system I ever owned. I hated the controller.

I would say that lately I am more inclined to say that the worst console ever for me is the PS2. At least in my experience... had to repair that shit three times and even and even had to buy another one.

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Of the popular ones i say 360 because of the way to high failure-rates

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